How to Forward Email Messages with Windows Live Hotmail

I don't know about you, but I get a lot of mail every day in my Windows Live Hotmail account.

Most of it is spam, some of it is interesting, and a bit is even worth forwarding. Email makes it easy to share a letter with friends. So does Hotmail.

Forward Emails with Windows Live Hotmail

To forward an email message in Windows Live Hotmail:

This brings up a new mail screen with the original message in the body. The essential header information is also included by Windows Live Hotmail: who the original message is from, who it was sent to, the subject and the date when it was sent.

Don't Share Email Addresses with the Email

If the To: or Cc: lines of the message you are forwarding contain anything but your email address you should

  • trim them to contain only your address or remove the To: and Cc: lines completely

to protect the privacy of all the other recipients of the original message.

What About Attachments?

If the original message contains attachments you do not want to include in your forward, you can remove them before sending the forwarded message.