Forwarding an Email as an Attachment in Hotmail

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Alex Belomlinsky / Getty Images

Forwarding an email is simple in Windows Live Hotmail. The Forward command within so simple reach forwards a simple version perfect ​in most cases.

What if you want to forward a message including all its possibly complex header information, though? Though Windows Live Hotmail does not offer a "Forward as Attachment" button, forwarding one or more messages attached is possible.

Forward an Email as an Attachment in Windows Live Hotmail

To forward a message including all its header information and formatting — as an email attachment — from Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Click Send (or Save draft, of course, to continue later).

Note that some email programs and services — including Windows Live Hotmail itself — may not display the forwarded message attachment online or at all. Downloading the EML file and opening that should be possible, however.