How to Forward an Individual Message From a Conversation in Gmail

Send a specific email from Gmail in a few easy steps

What to Know

  • Open the conversation and expand the message. Select More (three stacked dots), choose Forward, and send your message.
  • To forward the latest message, open the message and select Forward near the bottom. 
  • Turn off Conversation View in Gmail to make it easier to find and forward individual messages.

This article explains how to forward a single email in Gmail instead of forwarding the entire conversation. The instructions apply to all web browsers.

How to Forward Individual Messages in a Conversation

To forward a message in a conversation thread:

  1. Select the conversation containing the email you want to forward to open the thread.

  2. Select the message you want to forward to expand it.

    If you don't see the message you want to send, display every message in the conversation. Look on the left side, below the first email, and select the circle that contains a number.

    View all messages icon in Gmail conversation view
  3. Select More (the three vertically aligned dots).

    More button (three horizontal dots) in Gmail
  4. Choose Forward.

    Forward menu item from Gmail's More menu
  5. In the To field, enter the email address of the recipient.

  6. Edit the body of the email, if desired.

  7. To edit the subject field, select the arrow next to the From field, and choose Edit subject. The email appears in a separate window.

  8. When you're finished, select Send.

Forward the Last Message in a Thread

Alternatively, select Forward to send the email message. This option only appears on the last email in a thread. To forward all other messages in the conversation, use the above steps.

To make it easier to find and forward individual messages, turn off Conversation View in Gmail. Every email will then appear in your inbox separately.

Forward button at the bottom of an email in Gmail
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