How to Forward an Individual Message From a Conversation in Gmail

Extract and Forward One Message from a Thread

Gmail's conversation view groups emails of the same topic together into one easy-to-read thread. This makes it simple to read all the messages that were replied to under the same subject and with the same recipients.

Conversation view is also useful when you want to forward the entire conversation. However, there are times you might not want to include the entire thread and prefer instead to send just one message in it. You can either copy that message and make a new email or selectively forward just that one part of the thread.

Tip: If you turn off conversation view in Gmail you can send individual messages a bit easier.

How to Forward Individual Messages in a Conversation

  1. With Gmail open, select the conversation that contains the email you want to forward. You should see more than one section of the message, which indicates the separate emails.
  2. Make sure the individual message you want to forward is expanded. If you can't see at least part of the email's text, click or tap on the sender's name in the conversation's list of messages. It's okay if you see the other individual messages expanded too. 
  3. In the section where the message is, click/tap the ​More button (the down arrow) in the message's header area.
  4. Choose Forward.
  5. Fill in the "To" field that appears at the top of the message you are forwarding with the email address of the recipient who should receive the message. Edit any of the extra text you may want to change before sending. If you want to edit the subject field, click or tap the small right arrow next to the "To" field and choose Edit subject.
  6. Click or tap Send.

To forward the last message in a conversation, you can either follow the steps above or click Forward from the "Click here to Reply, Reply to all, or Forward" field that follows it.