Use Form-Changing in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Want to collect 'em all? This is an important step on the journey there!

Not all Pokemon need to evolve to change status or the way they look. Over the series, there’s been a growing number of Pokemon that change forms according to what items they hold, their environment, moves used in battle, and an assortment of other special conditions.

Ash, May, Brock, Max and their Hoenn Pokemon in Pokemon Season 9: Battle Frontier
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While these changes in form might be intuitive or even explained explicitly to the character in each Pokemon game’s origin, in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, many of the processes needed to change these Pokemon’s forms are fairly obtuse. In this guide, we’ll cover every Pokemon that changes form in ways other than evolution, how to obtain them, and what you must do to perfect their unique abilities.

Cosplay Pikachu - National Dex No. 25

Cosplay Pikachu will more than likely be the first and most obvious Pokemon you meet that changes forms. Your first chance to get your hands on this fashion-crazy Pokemon is just after you finish giving the Devon Parts to Captain Stern in Slateport City. When you attempt to leave the city by its north exit you’ll trigger the introduction to Pokemon Contest Spectaculars. After you participate in your first contest, a Pokemon Breeder will give you your very own Cosplay Pikachu.

To change Cosplay Pikachu’s costumes you just simply talk to the Pokemon Breeder in the Green Room. Not only do the various costumes make Cosplay Pikachu look adorable, but each one will also give a different move to use in battle:

  • Rock Star Pikachu - Meteor Mash
  • Belle Pikachu - Icicle Crash
  • Pop Star Pikachu - Draining Kiss
  • Ph.D. Pikachu - Electric Terrain
  • Libre Pikachu - Flying Press

There are a few more differences between Cosplay Pikachu and a run-of-the-mill Pikachu. Cosplay Pikachu cannot evolve, so trying to use a Thunder Stone to get a Cosplay Raichu won’t work, unfortunately. You also can’t breed a Cosplay Pikachu, so you’re limited to receiving only one per game. Make sure you don’t accidentally trade or release your costumed friend because you won’t get another one!

Unown - National Dex No. 201

Unown made its debut in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and although in the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Unown was not found in the wild, the remakes allow you to catch all 28 different forms of the letter-shaped Pokemon. To capture Unown you must first have the ability to soar with Mega Latios and Latias. Once you can do that, then wait for Mirage Cave 4 to appear just east of Dewford Town. Once you’re inside the only wild encounters are with Unown.

If you’re a real Pokemon expert, you’ll have to set your sights on all 28 variations of Unown to really catch them all. The forms are the letters A through Z as well as the punctuation marks ! and ?. You’ll have to keep track of them yourself too, for as soon as you can catch your first Unown the Poke Ball icon indicating that you’ve captured that type of Pokemon before will appear by its name. It can be time-consuming, but using Repeat Balls can take a little frustration out of it.

Spinda - National Dex No. 327

Spinda has unique facial markings which differ in each specimen. Although the markings don’t affect moves or stats, it is interesting to see the variety of different looks Spinda can have. Unfortunately, since no two Spinda are the same, you’ll never be able to capture every variation.

Castform - National Dex No. 351

Castform can be obtained by talking to the head of the weather institute on Route 119. This is a fitting locale for Castform, as its different forms are brought forth by changes in the weather. Under regular weather conditions in battle Castform is a normal type, but if a move is used that affects in-battle weather then Castform will change forms and its type.

Rain Dance will change the Pokemon type to Water.

Sunny Day will change the Pokemon type to Fire.

Hail will change the Pokemon type to Ice.

Deoxys - National Dex No. 386

Obtaining Deoxys is one of the last story-related objectives in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. During the conclusion of the Delta Episode or the Sky Pillar, you’ll face down the Legendary Deoxys. If you accidentally defeat him before you can catch him, don’t worry. You can beat the Elite Four again along with Stephen, and once you do, Deoxys will respawn back in its original location.

Deoxys has four different forms, each with different stats. Its original form is the most well-rounded of the four, while the other three focus on attack, defense, and speed. To change between Deoxys’ forms you must have it in your party and travel to Professor Cozmo’s lab in Fallarbor Town. Each time you look at the meteorite in the lab, Deoxys will change form.

Burmy - National Dex No. 412

Burmy is a genius of camouflage that you’ll have to bring over from Pokemon X or Y. Depending on where you battle, Burmy will try its best to blend in with the environment by donning leaves, sand, or even trash. To get it in its Plant Cloak, battle with it in grass, in the forest, or on the writer’s surface. Burmy uses its Sand Cloak in caves or deserts. Lastly, the only way to Burmy’s Trash Cloak is by battling in buildings.

Cherrim - National Dex No. 421

Like Castform, Cherrim changes forms according to the weather. To catch a Cherrim you’ll have to obtain the ability to Soar with Mega Latias and Latios and enter Mirage Forest 4, which will appear just north of Lilycone City. The change in form doesn’t affect movesets is stats, but it’s certainly a huge cosmetic difference. When the weather is overcast Cherrim’s petals fold up, making a gloomy cloak. However, when in a battle with intense sunlight Cherrim blossoms, and shows how happy it is to soak up the rays!

Shellos - National Dex No. 422

Shellos appear in the wild on Routes 103 and 110. However, of the two forms of Shellos, only one appears in each game. The pink West Sea form of Shellos appears only on Pokemon Omega Ruby, while the blue East Sea form is exclusive to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. If you want them both you’ll have to trade for the form that doesn’t appear in the version of the game you’re playing.

Rotom - National Dex No. 479

Rotom is a ghost Pokemon with the unique ability to change form and type to take on the appearance of common household appliances. Upon assuming a new form, Rotom also gains a new move based on the theme of the form it’s currently in. To obtain Rotom you’ll have to trade it from a copy of Pokemon X or Y where it originally appeared.

Rotom’s six forms can be accessed by placing it in your party and proceeding to the Pokemon Lab in Littleroot Town. Once there you can check out the various boxes to change Rotom’s form.

Checking the Microwave will earn you the move Overheat. Checking the Washing Machine will earn you Hydro Pump. Checking the Refrigerator will earn you Blizzard. Checking the Fan will earn you Air Slash. Checking the Lawnmower will earn you Leaf Storm.

Giratina - National Dex No. 487

Although you’ll have to trade it into your game from a previous entry in the Pokemon series, Giratina still can gain the ability to switch between its two forms in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and the Griseous Orb by diving under the sea on Route 130. Once you have it, have Giratina hold it, and it will change from its Altered Form to its Origin Form. This change will alter Giratina’s ability from Pressure to Levitate and its stats will change as well.

Shaymin - National Dex No. 492

Shaymin was previously obtained via a special distribution event and is now obtainable as the Legendaries were redistributed in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon. To change Shaymin into its Sky Form you must obtain the Gravideo Flower. To do so, put Shaymin in your party, and go to the Berry Master’s house on Route 123. Speak to the younger man and he’ll give you the Gravideo Flower. Once it changes form it changes from a Grass-type to Grass/Flying and its stats markedly alter as well.

Arceus - National Dex No. 493

Arceus is another Pokemon that was made available via special distribution. There may not be a legitimate way to obtain Arceus right now, but if you’re lucky enough to have one, the plates used to change its type are obtainable in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Most of the plates can be obtained by searching underwater using Dive on Routes 107, 126, and 126-130. However, the Iron Plate is held by the Beldum you can obtain by visiting Stephen’s house after the Delta Episode. Happy hunting!

Basculin - National Dex No. 550

Basculin come in two varieties: One has red stripes, and one has blue. Both forms are found one apiece in Pokemon X and Y. To obtain them in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire you’ll have to trade for them.

Darmanitan - National Dex No. 555

If you have a Darmanitan with the Hidden Ability Zen Mode, it will change forms once its HP drops below half. Upon changing forms to Zen Mode, Darmanitan changes from Fire-type to Fire/Psychic and its stats increase dramatically. You can search for Darmanitan on Mirage Islands 1 or 7, or on Mirage Mountain 5. 

Deerling - National Dex No. 585

Deerling can be found on Route 117 in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but only in the Spring form. To obtain Deerling in Summer, Autumn, or Winter forms you’ll have to either trade one forward from Pokemon Black or White or Pokemon Black 2 or White 2. If you already happen to have a member of the form you want, you can also breed it and the offspring will inherit the form of the parent.

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