Using Form-Changing Pokemon in Pokemon ORAS Part 2

The second part of our guide on how to use form-changing Pokemon!

Not all Pokemon need to evolve to change status or the way they look. Over the series, there’s been a growing number of Pokemon that change forms according to what items they hold, their environment, moves used in battle, and an assortment of other special conditions.

However, while these changes in form might be intuitive or even explained explicitly to the character in each Pokemon game’s of origin, in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, many of the processes needed to change these Pokemon’s forms are fairly obtuse. In this guide, we’ll cover every Pokemon that changes form in ways other than evolution, how to obtain them, and what you must do to master their unique abilities.This is part two of the guide, so if you missed the first part check it out here!

Tornadus, Thundarus, and Landorus - National Dex No. 641, 642, 645

These three Legendary Pokemon have ties to the weather so to begin the process of capturing them you’ll have to soar with Mega Latias of Mega Latios with a Pokemon in your party that is affected by the weather.

If you’ve met these conditions an angry black group of storm clouds will appear North-Northwest of Lilycone City. Depending on your version of the game, you’ll either encounter Tornadus in Omega Ruby or Thunderus in Alpha Sapphire. To obtain Landorus you’ll have to have both Tornadus and Thunderus in your party and once again fly into the storm cloud. There you’ll encounter Landorus and have the chance to catch it.

To change any of the three into their alternate forms, you’ll need the Reveal Glass. To obtain it, travel to the Narcissus Mirror Shop in Mauvile City with any of the three Pokemon in your party and speak to the woman there. She’ll give you the Reveal Glass, which you can use on Tornadus, Thundarus, and Landorus to reveal their alternate forms with changed appearances and states.

Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem - National Dex Nos. 543, 544, and 646

These three Pokemon have the unique ability to fuse together to take on a more powerful form. To begin the process of catching all three you’ll need to place a very high-level Pokemon in your party. Soar with Mega Latios or Mega Latias to the island there and depending on the version of the game you’re playing you’ll either face Reshiram in Omega Ruby or Zekrom in Alpha Sapphire.

To capture Kyurem, you’ll need to place Reshiram and Zekrom in your party and Soar with Mega Latias or Mega Latios. If you fly just east of Meteor Falls you’ll find the Gnarled Den Mirage Spot. Fly into it and you’ll find Kyurem.

Be careful, though. After you capture Kyurem, you still have business at the Gnarled Den. Use your Dowsing Rod until you find the DNA Splicer, which is the item you need to change your newest Pokemon’s form. If you use the DNA Splicer on Kyurem, then select Reshiram, they’ll fuse into White Kyurem. Using them on Kyurem then Zekrom will result in Black Kyurem. You can use the DNA Splicer again on either fused form to separate it into the two original Pokemon. Just be aware you must have an empty slot for the second Pokemon to occupy.

Keldeo - National Dex No. 647

This extremely rare Pokemon was only made available via special distribution event. However, in celebration of the Pokemon franchise’s 20th anniversary, trainers will get another chance to own one in a distribution event in the coming months.

Obtaining the means to enable Keldeo’s transformation is simple. Place Keldeo in your party and head to Mauville City. Once there go to Groomer’s Cafe and speak to the Old Man there. He’ll offer to teach Keldeo the move Secret Sword, with will change it into the Resolute Form. If you ever want to return Keldeo to its original form, simply have it forget the move Secret Sword.

Meloetta - National Dex No. 648

Like Keldeo, Meloetta is among the rarest Pokemon and was only available during a previous special distribution event. However, it too will be available in the coming months in a distribution event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise.

To obtain the means to change Meloetta’s form, place it in your party and travel to Melville City. Once there, go to Groomer’s Cafe and speak to the old man. He’ll offer to teach Meloetta Relic Song, which is the key to the transformation.

If used during battle, the move Relic Song will transform Meloetta into its Pirouette Form until the end of​ the battle. Once the battle is complete Meloetta will transform back into its original Aria Form.

Genesect - National Dex No. 649

Genesect is yet another super rare Pokemon that was previously only available via a special distribution. Luckily, it will be made available again for a limited time in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise in the months to come.

Genesect has the ability to equip Drives, which will change the color of the gun on its back and the damage type of its Techno Blast move. To obtain these drives, head to Mauville City with Genesect in your party. Once there, check the stairwells heading to the roof for a man who will hand over all four drives for Genesect.

Vivillon - National Dex No. 666

Vivillon made its debut in Pokemon X and Y, and that’s where they’ll have to come from in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as there’s no way to catch them in the wild in the newer games. What makes this fairly common Pokemon unique is that it will carry a different pattern on its wings depending on the actual geographical location of the player at the time.

Your best bet to complete your Vivillon collection is to trade on the PSS. There are 20 different patterns to collect, however, due to the geographical distribution some patterns are very common and some are almost never seen. Additionally, there are two patterns, the Fancy Pattern and the Poke Ball pattern, which were only distributed via special event, which makes them the two rarest patterns.