Help! I Forgot My Nintendo Network ID or Password!

Here's How to Reset or Retrieve Your Nintendo ID or Password

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Can't remember what moniker you chose when you signed up for the Nintendo Network? Blanking on your password?

Don't panic! You won't be shut out for good. We live in a world where we're required to remember dozens of passwords, and Nintendo has accounted for your forgetfulness:

How to Retrieve Your Nintendo Network ID

If you're already signed into the Nintendo Network and you just need a refresher on your ID/name, open the Wii U's user selection menu.

Your ID is displayed in orange below your nickname.

On the Nintendo 3DS, open the Systems Settings menu and tap on Nintendo Network ID Settings. Your ID should be displayed on the sign-on screen, below your nickname.

If you're locked out of your account because you can't remember your Nintendo Network ID, you can retrieve it. Visit the Nintendo Network ID Retrieval page and follow the directions there.

Don't have a Nintendo Network ID yet? Here's how to create one.

How to Reset Your Nintendo Network Password

If you're having trouble remembering the string of gobbledygook that you initially used to secure your account, visit the Nintendo Network Temporary Password page. Enter the email you have linked to your ID and Nintendo will send along a temporary password.

Once you've signed in, you can change your password to something more permanent.

Tip: Check the "Remember Me" option when signing into the Nintendo Network, and you'll be signed in automatically for a month.

Do not use this option if your device is shared by multiple people, or if you're playing on a device that doesn't belong to you, or is in a public space.