How to Forget an Instagram Account on Your Computer or Phone

Forgetting an account isn't the same as deleting the account

What to Know

  • Select your Profile icon > Log Out > Remove Account.
  • Mobile app: Profile > Menu > Settings > Log Out your account name.
  • If the browser still stores your login credentials, check the browser's settings for password and autofill options.

This article explains how to forget an Instagram account on a computer or the Instagram mobile app for iOS and Android.

How Do You Remove a Remembered Account on Instagram on a Computer?

Here's how to forget an Instagram account in a web browser:

  1. On Instagram's site, select your Profile icon > Log Out.

    Log out under Profile icon on home page
  2. Select Remove Account.

    Remove Account on login page
  3. Select Remove to confirm. You'll return to the log in screen.

    Remove on login page

    Removing an account on the Instagram website will not remove accounts linked via the Instagram app.

How to Remove an Account From the Instagram App

Follow these steps to remove accounts from the Instagram app on Android or iOS:

  1. Switch to the Instagram account you wish to remove. Go to your Profile, select your account name, then choose the account you want to remove.

    Profile icon, account name, and the accounts in the Instagram app
  2. Go to the Profile page and tap the Menu (the three lines) at the top.

  3. Tap Settings.

    Profile icon, Menu icon, and Settings in the Instagram app
  4. Scroll down and tap Log Out your account name.

  5. Tap Log out to confirm. You'll switch back to the default account, and the other account will no longer appear in the app.

    Log out and accounts pop-up in the Instagram app

Why Forget Your Instagram Account?

If you log into Instagram on a device shared by multiple users, you should remove your Instagram account and other login information that other users could potentially access. If you don't regularly use Instagram on a device, there's no reason for it to remember your account.

Likewise, you may want to forget your Gmail account in a web browser or unlink your Gmail account on Android.

Why Is My Instagram Account Still Showing Up?

If you still see your account listed on the login page, refresh the browser. If it's still there, close the window, wait a little while, and check again. If you have this problem in the mobile app, update or redownload the app.

The browser may also be set up to store login credentials, which is something that must be addressed separately. For example, you can use the Google Chrome Password Manager to delete stored passwords. For other browsers, check the settings for password and autofill options. Consider turning off AutoFill on Android too.

  • Is removing the same as deleting an Instagram account?

    Removing or unlinking an account from your device will not delete the account. You can log back in using the same account on any device. On the other hand, when you deactivate an Instagram account, it disappears from the public until you reactivate or permanently delete the account.

  • How do I delete an Instagram account?

    You need to delete your Instagram account in a web browser; you can't do it in the app. Navigate to the account deletion page, log in, and follow the prompts to remove yourself from Instagram permanently.

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