A Guide to the Best Football Games on PC

Call the shots or play for your favorite football team

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Immerse yourself in intense football action in a football simulation video game. Whether you want to be on the sidelines calling the shots, making the trades, deciding game strategy, or crossing the goal line yourself, there is a football sim game for you.

Many publishers of sports video games have moved away from the PC platform in recent years and focused instead on game consoles. However, there are still PC-compatible football sim video games out there.

In "Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018," you call the shots for your favorite pro football team. Make trades to build your roster, participate in the draft and free agency, or call the plays—whatever it takes to win. Play by yourself or join an online league.

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"Football Mogul 18" is about football management, a strategic part of a football team. You are responsible for trading players, setting stadium expenses, signing free agents, and more. The game includes all seasons from 1970 through 2017, and the rosters are accurate as of September 2017.

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Gamers on the search for a football management game rejoice. "Bowl Bound College Football" is the game you've been wanting. Build your roster based on stats and scouting reports. How deep you manage the team depends on you. Leave things up to the computer or edit the choices. Even if you haven't played a sports management game, you'll be able to jump right in. A weekly to-do list keeps you on track.

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Cover of Madden 08
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The PC versions of sports games are no longer a major focus for game developers, EA included. EA's "Madden NFL 2008" is the last PC version of the popular game. It can still be purchased online, and it has received minor updates, but the new additions are a few tweaks and a new minigame in the drill mode. Despite the lack of big changes, it's still a good choice for a PC action-orientated football sim. Skip it if you have a more recent version of a gaming system.

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In "Front Office Football 8," you create an offensive playbook during training camp with up to 200 plays to use during the season or have the game's AI create a playbook for you. Select your starters, run two-minute drills, or make calls on defense. This version of the game offers improved multiplayer support so you can play against others. 

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"Backyard Football" is a kid's football game, but it is also suitable for adults who are not looking for serious, intense gameplay. NFL players are featured as children that are 5 to 10 years old. The assistance coach mode helps younger children play the football sim. The game takes place in the kids' backyard. Play as one of 30 Backyard Kids that form an all-star lineup.

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