Top PC Football Games

Immerse yourself in intense football action in a football sim game. Whether you want to be on the sidelines calling the shots, making the trades, and deciding on strategy, or crossing the touchdown line yourself, there is a football game for you.

Gamers on the search for a football management game rejoice! "Bowl Bound College Football" is the game you've been wanting. You want names you know on the roster. Making decisions will need to be based on stats and scouting reports. How deep you manage the team depends on you. Leave things up to the computer, or edit the choices. Even if you haven't played a sports text management game, you'll be able to jump right in. A weekly to-do list will keep you on track. More »

The PC versions of sports games are no longer a major focus for game developers, EA included. EA's "Madden NFL 2008" received minor updates. The new additions are few tweaks and a new mini-game in the drill mode. Despite the lack of big changes, it's still the choice for the action-orientated football sim. Namely because EA signed exclusive license agreement from the NFL. That's right, EA has no competition. Skip it if you have a recent version, otherwise, it's your only choice for a football game licensed by the NFL.
"Backyard Football" is a kid's football game, but great for adults who are not looking for serious, and intense gameplay. NFL players are featured as children in the range of 5 to 10 years old. The assistance coach mode will help younger children play the football sim. More »
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"Football Mogul"

"Football Mogul" is about the management, strategic part of a football team. You are responsible for trading players, setting stadium expenses, signing free agents, and more. A great game, my only complaint being the interface. It has an uninviting Windows feel to it.