Foodie: The App That Takes the Best Photo of Your Food

Food plated nicely on table
Brad Puet

One thing that I love about smartphones being the number one reason why people take pictures is the fact that food is in the top three most photogenic subjects.  I guarantee you that anyone and everyone with a smartphone has taken a picture of their meal to send to social media, to their friends or family, or just to save so they can attempt that delicious recipe.

Not all food is photogenic but also not all food has been given its due justice to become photogenic.  I fall prey to this as I want to take the photo quick and get to eating.

I have sent pictures to my family and have sworn to high heaven that the food that I sent is one of the best ever! Best ever, I tell you! The response I get is, "Maybe but that snap is not good at all!"

Enter the App Foodie!

Foodie is a free app that helps you shoot that dish to truly represent and have your taste buds match your visual stimulations.

The app is designed to know how it is located over your dish. When you are directly over your dish, it lets you know. When the app decides that you are in the right position to take the best photo, the shutter button turns yellow. This does not determine that you absolutely have to take the picture in this position, but it sure helps you figure out the best lighting situation to capture that dish. The app even blurs the edges of your picture to give you that depth of field effect.

This in itself helps us already take a good picture. Throw in the additional filters to help you accentuate your food and that great dish but bland photo begins the envy of the people you have sent the picture to. There is a total of 24 filters to help you match your food with the colors of the types of food you are eating. From "Meats" to "Cakes," these filters are catered to accentuate the colors to match the food type.

According to the developers, the LINE Corporation, the app utilizes the same idea behind taking selfies. Makes sense. Much like selfie apps and accessories, the idea is to take the best selfie of yourself. Now you can do that with Foodie but with your food!

App Features

  • 24 Filter - As discussed above, these filters are to cater to the specific food type.
  • Best Angles - This is specific to when you are above your food. I am not sure about the technology but I assume that it uses the colors and lighting to help you decide to turn that shutter button a bright yellow.
  • Blurring feature for Pro-style imaging - The developers say that this feature is to help you shoot similar to an SLR as the app helps you recognize the food and blur out other parts of the picture - mostly just the edges based on my experience.
  • Brightness and Flashlight feature - This helps when you are eating in low light situations.

My Final Thoughts

Again all of us have taken pictures of our food. You can deny it and that is fine. But I know that you know that I know - you know. As long as we got that out and in the open, then I recommend you adding this app into you camera bag just for the sole use of how much you will use it.

We will always share to our friends and family the sustenance we have. Foodie uses the share to our specific locations that we all share our food snaps to; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Go ahead and try it out and if the dish is really good, make sure you tag me on Instagram and Twitter. 

Download Foodie:
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