How to Follow Someone on Twitter

Follow other users to see their tweets in your Twitter timeline

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Wondering how to follow someone on Twitter? It's easier than you think!

Why Follow Someone on Twitter?

You can think of following someone like subscribing to their tweets. Their tweets will show up in your home feed where your Twitter timeline is located, so you don't always have to go to their individual profile to see what they're tweeting about.

If you're familiar with Facebook, it's a similar idea to friending someone. The only big difference is that you usually don't have to wait around for someone to approve your request because most Twitter profiles are public.

Sign Into Twitter on the Web or the Mobile App

You can follow people both from the web and on the official Twitter mobile app. Just head to in a browser or download and open the app to sign in. If you don't already have an account, read up on how to join Twitter.

Find the Profile of the User You Want to Follow

If you're signed into via a web browser and already have the web address of the person you want to follow, you can navigate to it. It should look something like

If you don't already have the address or are using the mobile app, you can use the search function instead. You can search for people by typing in their username or their real name.

On, type the full name or username in the search field in the top right corner and then select the magnifying glass to perform your search.

If you're on the app, navigate to the search tab by tapping the magnifying glass in the bottom menu and then typing the full name or username in the search field at the top of the screen. Hit the blue Search button when you're done.

A list of results will be given to you, with the most relevant ones listed at the top. Select the People tab so that you're just looking at user profile results rather than all results.

A screenshot of

Once you've located the user you want to follow in the list, simply select their listing to go to their profile.

Select the Follow Button

On any user profile that you look at via or the mobile app, you should see a Follow button to the right of the user's profile details. Click or tap it to follow that user.

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The user will receive a notification that you followed them. If their profile is set to private, however, you can only send a follow request and the user will have to approve it before you can start following them and seeing their tweets in your timeline.

You can unfollow a user any time you want. Just select the same button, which should be colored in and labeled Following if you are indeed following them. The user will not receive a notification if you unfollow them.

Tips for Following Users on Twitter

It's a lot of fun and even a bit addictive to follow other users on Twitter. Here are some tips to consider to make your Twitter following experience as good as possible.

  • Follow users you're genuinely interested in. If you think they tweet good stuff, give them a follow!
  • Don't follow users just because they followed you first. The "follow back" trend is genuinely done out of politeness, but it can crowd your timeline pretty fast. If you don't care to see their tweets, you don't have to follow them.
  • Don't follow users just to gain lots of followers fast. You can attract more followers in a shorter amount of time if you follow lots thanks to the follow back rule. However, there's no guarantee that these users are genuinely interested in your tweets and will remain loyal followers for long. Most of them just want to build their own follower count.
  • Use Twitter lists to group and manage users you follow. This can help you locate different users fast and see your timeline in a filtered view.
  • Focus more on interactions rather than follows. Follows don't mean much without interaction. Users are far more flattered by @replies, @mentions, retweets, and likes than merely getting followed.
  • Take advantage of Twitter's mute feature. If you want to stop someone's tweets from showing up in your timeline but don't want to unfollow them, you can select the three dots beside the Following button and select the Mute @username option to filter their tweets out without them ever knowing. You can unmute them any time you want.

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