What Is an FOB File?

A FOB file stores objects used by Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What to Know

  • An FOB file is an object container file used by Dynamics NAV.
  • Convert to TXT with that same software.

This article explains what the FOB file format is, how to open one, and how to convert one to a more recognizable format.

What Is an FOB File?

A file with the FOB file extension is a Dynamics NAV object container file used with Microsoft's Dynamics NAV software. These are files that reference objects like tables and forms that the program can use.

These files might also be referred to as Navision Attain object files or Financials object files.

FOB files in Windows 10

FOB files are not in any way related to a key fob, which can be almost anything that's not a key hanging from a keychain or a small electronic device used to access remote devices, much like a digital key, commonly found on a keychain. Automotive key fobs are commonly used to unlock/lock doors on a car.

How to Open an FOB File

FOB files can be opened with Dynamics NAV (it was previously called Microsoft Navision). In the development environment, first access the Tools > Object Designer option from the menu, and then File > Import in the new window to select the file.

Dynamics NAV has been replaced by Business Central, so the format might still be supported in that software, but we can't confirm this.

The FBK file extension is used to indicate an object backup file, which is also used in the Microsoft's program.

Finn's FobView is a small portable program (it can run without being installed) that can be used to open FOB files as well as to compare two files for differences. It also supports FBK, TXT, and XML files that were created with Dynamics NAV.

We're not entirely sure if this will work, but you might also be able to open FOB files with a text editor so that you can read the text version of the file. However, doing this won't make the file functional like if you were to open it with Microsoft's program. All you could really do is edit the contents of the file, like maybe any references that it has.

Some FOB files may instead be a type of image exported with IBM's FileNet Content Manager. The specifics are unclear, but we know some users of that software have had the program export an image with the wrong extension, as FOB, even though it should be BMP, TIFF, or some other format. If this is how you got your file, then renaming it with the proper file extension may be all you need to do to open it with your favorite image viewer.

Renaming a file like this is not the same as converting it. All this is doing in this context is putting the correct file extension at the end of the file because the IBM program didn't do it.

How to Convert an FOB File

Busines Central should be able to export an open FOB file to a TXT file. This is likely accomplished through its File > Export menu.

The Finn's FobView program mentioned above can export FOB to CSV.

Still Can't Open It?

If you can't open your file with the programs mentioned above, check that you aren't confusing it with another, similarly named extension. Some files use a similar file extension, but it doesn't necessarily mean the formats are the same or that they can be opened with the same software.

For example, consider that your file might be a VOB, FOW (Family Origins), or FXB file, which don't work with the programs listed above.

If you double-check the file extension to find that you don't really have an FOB file, research the actual file extension to learn which software programs can be used to open or convert it.

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