Fluance Fi70 Wireless Home Bluetooth Speaker System

Fluance Fi70 Wireless Home Bluetooth Speaker System
Fluance Fi70 Wireless Home Bluetooth Speaker System. Images Provided by Fluance

Original Publish Date: 01/28/2016

The Bluetooth Speaker Trend

One of the big trends in audio the past couple of years is the proliferation of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. These products enable smartphone users to bypass those tiny phone speakers and listen to stored or streamed music sources on something that definitely sounds better.

However, the vast majority of Bluetooth speakers are still pretty modest and are usually designed to be portable.

On the other hand, there are also a growing number of sound bars and home theater receivers that incorporate Bluetooth, allowing smartphone users the ability hear their music on something that sounds even better that a portable, or compact speaker.

A New Twist On The Bluetooth Speaker

Taking that theme to the next step, Fluance, for 2016, has announced the Fi70 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System. This system kind of harkens back to the days of the integrated Stereo Console, which was popular in the 1950's and 1960's, but with a definite contemporary look.

Designed to provide a more traditional, all-in-one two-channel stereo music listening experience for the home, the Fi70 features a stylish rounded-edge rectangular design that houses a 3-way 6 Driver Wireless Music System with 2.2 channel Integrated Amplifier.

Also, although the emphasis is on its Bluetooth capability, Fi-70 also provides additional physical connection options for CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc players and more... However, for TV or movie listening, its design does prevent it from being placed in front of a TV, but it could be placed below a wall mounted TV. Also, the hole in the middle is part of the design statement, it does not serve a specific function.

Below is a rundown on the features and specifications of the Fluance Fi70.

Speaker Complement:

Tweeters - Dual 1-Inch Silk Soft Dome Neodymium Ferrofluid Cooled

Midrange - Dual 5 inch Woven Glass Fiber Composite Drivers with Butyl Rubber Surrounds.

Woofers - Dual 8 inch Polymer Treated High Excursion Cones with Butyl Rubber Surrounds, with additional support provided by two rear-mounted ports.

Amplifier Characteristics

Amplifier Power (RMS) - 280 Watts (2x 140 watts)

Frequency Response (entire system) - 30Hz - 20KHz

Crossover Frequency - 150Hz and 2500Hz Phase Coherent – PCB Mounted Circuitry

Wireless Audio Connectivity:


Built-in AM/FM radio tuners (indoor antennas included)

Physical Input Connectivity:

1 Auxiliary Analog Audio Input (3.5mm connection - 3ft cable provided); USB 2.1A Charging Input, 1 Digital Optical Audio input, FM/AM Antenna connections.

Control Options:

Onboard touch sensitive controls with LED display, Wireless remote control also included.

Additional Info

Power Requirements: - 120V, 60 Hz

Dimensions: - 29.5 x 11 x 23.2 inches (without stand) 29.5 x 11 x 36 inch (with stand)

System Weight: - 81 lbs

Available Finishes: Black Ash, Lucky Bamboo, Natural Walnut

Suggested Price: $499.99 - Available Direct Through Fluance