Accessory Review of Wii Remote Charger for the Nintendo Wii

Energizer Gives Gamers a Charge with a Great New Charge Station

Energizer Flat Panel 4X Induction Charging System
The Energizer Flat Panel 4X Induction Charging System. Energizer

Pros: Elegant design takes up less room than competing chargers
Cons: Haven’t found any cons so far

Recently I raved on and on about how Nyko finally succeeded in creating an almost perfect Wii remote induction charger after so many others had fallen short. It took years from the Wii console’s release for someone to make a really great charger, but it has taken only a few weeks for a second to appear: Energizer’s Flat Panel Induction Charger.

The Basics: Sleek Induction Charger

The basics are the same as those of any remote charger. Battery packs are inserted into the Wii remote’s battery compartment and these packs are recharged when placed on the charge station. As with any induction charger, there are no metal contact points used in charging, meaning you can charge a remote even when encased in its silicon sleeve.

Unlike other chargers, which have cradle-like nooks into which to insert the remote, this charger is nothing but a flat, black panel. You just lay the remote on the panel, which holds it in place with a magnet, and let it charge. There's a slight magnetic pull to hold the charger in place, although it is possible to lay it d

At the top of the panel is a lighted indicator that glows red for each charging remote and green for each charged one. The most noticeable oddity of Energizer’s charger is that if you lift a charged remote from the panel and then immediately put it back down, the indicator will change from green to red, even though the remote is fully charged. This is minor, and certainly, a vast improvement over Energizer’s previous charger, who’s charged indicators didn’t work at all.

Conclusion: Arguably the Best Wii Charger on the Market

As thrilled as I was by Nyko’s latest charger, I’m inclined to give the edge to Energizer. The simple, elegant design takes up less room than any other charge station, which not only makes it easy to place in your home but makes it perfect when you're taking your Wii and charger on vacation; it will go anywhere in your suitcase. The battery pack is designed in a way that should make it compatible with any third party remote (Nyko’s is compatible with those I’ve tested, but because it only has battery contact points on one end I have to consider the possibility that, like the ElectroFlow Charger, it might not work with everything). And syncing up a new remote doesn’t require an easily-misplaced plastic key; a ballpoint pen is all you need.

With two virtually perfect chargers on the market, other peripheral manufacturers should be warned: less than perfect is no longer acceptable.

UPDATE: Years after writing this review the charger still works. However, of the four original battery packs, only two work now. This is something I've found is pretty typical of chargers, so in spite of that I'm still keeping it as my favorite.