How to Flag a Message for Follow-Up in Yahoo Mail

Star messages that need extra attention in Yahoo Mail

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If you can't deal with a new message in Yahoo Mail immediately, star it, or flag it, so that you don't forget to follow up later. Even if you remove the message from your inbox, it will remain in your Starred folder.

Information in this article applies to the web versions of Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo Mail mobile app for iOS and Android.

How to Flag a Message in Yahoo Mail

To flag an email in your Yahoo Mail inbox, select the star beside the subject line.

Star icon next to email subject line in Yahoo Mail

To view your flagged messages, select Starred from the left side of Yahoo Mail.

Starred tab in Yahoo Mail

Alternatively, you can flag a message while viewing it using Yahoo Mail keyboard shortcuts. To star a message you're currently viewing, press the L key.

To remove the flag from a message, press Shift+L.

Star Messages in Yahoo Mail Basic and the Yahoo Mail App

In the mobile version of Yahoo Mail, you cannot star messages from the inbox. First select the message to view it, then tap the star in the upper-right corner.

Star icon in the Yahoo Mail Android app

In Yahoo Mail Basic, you can star messages from the inbox; however, there is no option to view starred messages.

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