How to Flag a Message for Follow-Up in Yahoo! Mail

It's best to read every email only once and reply to it, file it or trash it immediately. It's best, but it is not always possible.

If you can't deal with a new message in Yahoo! Mail immediately, you can highlight it so you don't forget to return to it later.

While marking to-do messages unread works, a dedicated, more elegant and generally better way to flag emails for follow-up exists. Message flags are particularly useful in Yahoo!

Mail if you use them with ​Message Views.

Flag a Message for Follow-Up in Yahoo! Mail

To flag an email in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Highlight the message in the mailbox or open it in its own tab.
  • Press L (think flag).
    • Alternatively, click in the flag column to toggle a message's flag status.

To remove the flag from a message, press Shift-L.

Flag a Message for Follow-Up in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To flag a message for follow-up in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Make sure the checkbox next to the message you want to flag is selected in a Yahoo! Mail folder.
    • You can also select and mark multiple messages at once.
  • Click on the Mark button.
  • Select Flag for Follow-up from the menu.

You can also flag a message by opening it and clicking the flag in the message's top left corner.

To clear a message flag in Yahoo! Mail, check its box in the folder view and select Clear Flag from the Mark button's menu.