How to Fix It When YouTube Is Not Working on Roku

Troubleshooting streaming issues between YouTube and Roku

When YouTube is not working on Roku, it can appear in several ways.

  • The YouTube app on Roku won't launch at all.
  • You can't log in to your YouTube account.
  • You can't launch any YouTube videos.

These issues can occur suddenly, even if the app was previously working fine. They can happen when you try to launch the YouTube app on Roku or when you're already logged into YouTube and trying to launch a YouTube video.

Cause of YouTube Not Working on Roku

If you can't launch the YouTube app on your Roku device, there could be any number of causes. These include no internet connection, YouTube account problems, or issues with the Roku streaming device itself.

Keep in mind if YouTube is down, the YouTube channel on Roku won't work at all. Also, if your Roku device hasn't received a firmware update recently, this could cause issues with launching apps like YouTube.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku

The best way to fix YouTube not working on Roku is to start with the most straightforward solutions and work your way through the more extreme solutions like resetting your Roku.

  1. Check whether other devices in your home can connect to the internet. If your home Wi-Fi internet connection isn't working, you won't be able to launch the YouTube channel on Roku (or any other channel for that matter). If you've confirmed other devices can't connect to the internet either, then your Wi-Fi network doesn't have internet access. Work through the steps to troubleshoot your internet connection to get your Roku connected again. One of the first things you should try is restarting your router.

  2. A slow internet connection can also cause Roku channel issues. If your overall Wi-Fi internet connection is slow, you may have problems opening the YouTube channel. The first thing to try to see if this is the case is testing your internet speed. If it's slow, then troubleshoot the cause of your slow internet speed and fix it to get your YouTube channel working again.

  3. If your home internet connection is working fine, your Roku device may still not be connected to the internet. That's usually the case if your other devices can connect to the internet, but none of the Roku channels open. You can find your Roku's IP address in the Roku's settings menu. If it doesn't have an IP address, you'll need to reconnect your Roku to your Wi-Fi network. Once you've reconnected, the YouTube channel should now launch.

  4. Restart your Roku device. If the Roku device is experiencing app or system errors, restarting it will usually clear those errors. You can either use the Restart option in the menu or unplug the Roku, wait a few seconds, and plug it in again.

    If restarting your Roku doesn't work, you may want to try resetting it instead. Just keep in mind that you'll lose all personal preferences if you reset. You'll also need to log back into your Roku account and set up the Roku again.

  5. Check if YouTube is down. If YouTube servers are down, you can't launch the YouTube channel on Roku (no one can), and none of the videos will load.

  6. Check if your YouTube account is still active and you're using the correct ID and password (also, make sure you're logging in with the correct ID and password). If your YouTube account has been deleted or locked, it would explain why the YouTube channel on Roku can't connect to your account.

  7. Uninstall and add the YouTube channel again. If the YouTube channel on Roku has glitches or issues, often reinstalling the app will clear those issues and resolve any problems you've been experiencing.

  8. Update your Roku. If the firmware on your Roku is out of date, it can cause issues with launching the YouTube channel. The Roku device automatically updates itself, but ensuring you have the latest updates will often resolve unexpected errors that crop up. Use the following steps to update your Roku streaming device.

    You'll need access to the Roku home screen to update it. Once you've launched the update process, don't interrupt it or turn off your Roku, or you could corrupt the firmware and cause serious issues with your Roku.

    1. Select the Home button on your Roku remote
    2. Select Settings> System > System Update > Check Now.
    3. Your Roku will download the latest updates and install them on your device.
  9. If nothing else has worked and you still can't open YouTube on Roku, you may need to reach out to YouTube for technical support. YouTube's help page might also offer some assistance too.

2021 YouTube TV and Roku Disagreement

YouTube and Roku disagreed on terms of service, so there were more than six months in 2021 when the YouTube TV channel was unavailable in Roku's lineup. As of early 2022, the two companies have an agreement.

If this happens again, you can launch YouTube TV on your phone or computer and mirror your device's display to the Roku.

  • Why is YouTube not working on my computer?

    If YouTube isn't working correctly on your computer, there may be a problem with your browser, computer, or internet connection. To fix the problem, refresh the YouTube page, adjust the video quality, close and reopen your browser, clear your browser cache and cookies, or try to play a YouTube video in a private browsing session. If you're still having trouble, try rebooting your router and restarting your computer.

  • Why is YouTube not working on my TV?

    If YouTube isn't working on your smart TV, there may be an issue with a slow or fluctuating internet connection. You may also have a TV that isn't compatible with the YouTube app, or your YouTube app may need an update. If your internet connection is fine, otherwise, try uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app.

  • Why is YouTube not working on my iPhone?

    When YouTube videos won't play on an iPhone, you may have corrupted data on your device or an internet connectivity problem. Try connecting your iPhone to a different wireless network and see if this solves the problem. You can also try clearing the YouTube app cache, restarting your device, or removing and reinstalling the YouTube app.

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