How to Fix It When Stadia Can't Connect to Chromecast

Get Stadia working with your Chromecast and start streaming

Stadia works with Chromecast, but not with every single Chromecast device. Many issues can keep it from connecting, even if everything is technically compatible. To get Stadia connected to Chromecast, you need to make sure you have a compatible device, your firmware is up to date, and there aren’t any issues with your network.

What Causes Stadia to Not Connect to Chromecast?

When a Chromecast doesn’t work right with Stadia, it’s usually because of one of these reasons:

  • The Chromecast device isn’t compatible.
  • The Chromecast device doesn’t have the latest firmware.
  • There’s a problem with the settings of the device you’re using to set things up.
  • There’s an issue with your network or network settings.

You may have a bigger problem if Google Home can’t find your Chromecast. If that’s the case, address the issue and then see if your Chromecast can connect to Stadia.

How to Fix It When Stadia Can’t Connect to Chromecast

If you are unable connect Stadia with your Chromecast, either during the initial setup or later on, follow these these troubleshooting tips to get it working:

  1. Check Google's Chromecast hardware compatibility list. Make sure your Chromecast is compatible with Stadia. Stadia only worked with the specific batch of Chromecast Ultra devices that shipped with founders kits when it launched. It's now since expanded, but there are still some Chromecasts Stadia doesn’t work with and others that require you to sideload the Stadia app to get things working.

  2. Update your Chromecast firmware. If your Chromecast is supposed to be compatible with Stadia, but it won’t connect, there’s a good chance your firmware is out of date. Update your Chromecast to the latest firmware, and then try connecting Stadia again.

  3. Allow Stadia to connect to devices on your network. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad to set up Stadia with your Chromecast, you need to allow the app to connect to devices on your network. Either tap OK when prompted or manually turn the permission on using this method:

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Scroll down, and tap Stadia.
    3. Set Local Network to On.
  4. Turn on location access. This is less likely to be the issue, but the Stadia app on your phone or tablet also needs to have location access to work correctly with Chromecast and Stadia controllers. If you initially denied location access to the Stadia app, try turning it on.

  5. Set up your Chromecast using Wi-Fi. If you’re trying to perform the initial setup process with the Chromecast connected to your network via a wired ethernet connection, unplug it and connect via Wi-Fi. If the Chromecast connects to your network and works with Stadia, you can switch back to the wired connection later for a better connection when you’re gaming.

  6. Connect to the correct Wi-Fi network. Your Chromecast needs to be on the same network as the device you’re trying to use with Stadia. If you have a dual or tri-band router with two or even three SSIDs, make sure both devices are connected to the 2.4GHz network or connected to the 5GHz network.

  7. Turn off access point isolation. If your network has access point isolation enabled, turn it off. This feature will often prevent you from successfully setting your Chromecast up to work with Stadia.

    A guest network enabled on your router may be your problem. If you use Wi-Fi extenders, you may also need to turn off access point isolation on the extenders.

  8. Reboot your network hardware. There may be an issue where your Chromecast cannot connect properly to your network, in which case restarting everything will typically fix the problem. Reboot your modem, router, and any other network hardware, then check to see if your Chromecast can connect to Stadia.

  9. Update your device. Check to see if the phone or tablet you’re using to set up your Chromecast with Stadia needs an operating system update. If it is, perform the update and then check to see if it resolved your problem.

  10. Try a different device. If you have access to a different phone or tablet, try using it to set up your Chromecast with Stadia. There may be an issue with the device you were trying to use, or there could be a compatibility issue.

  11. Sideload the Stadia app. If you’re using a device that combines Chromecast with Google TV, Android TV, or another similar configuration, but the app isn’t available, try sideloading the app. If you aren’t comfortable sideloading, contact Google to see if or when you can expect the app to be available for your hardware.

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