How to Fix It When a PS5 Controller Won't Connect

Troubleshooting common PS5 controller connection issues

This article explains how to fix It when a PS5 controller won't connect wirelessly or with a USB cable. Instructions apply to the official Sony DualSense controller for PlayStation 5.

Causes of a PS5 Controller Not Working

There are several reasons why your PS5 controller won't pair with the console:

  • The controller is synced with a different device. Pairing your controller with a PC or another console will unpair it with your PS5.
  • Problems with your controller's Bluetooth connectivity. Nearby Bluetooth devices and other objects can interfere with the wireless signal.
  • Problems with the USB-C cable. You could be using the wrong type of cable, or it could be damaged.
  • Problems with the USB ports. The sockets on the controller and console may be damaged or dirty.
  • Problems with the controller's internal hardware. For example, the battery or Bluetooth sensor could be damaged.
  • Outdated firmware. If the system software doesn't have the latest updates, it can cause all types of problems with your PS5.

How to Fix It When a PS5 Controller Won't Connect

Follow these steps in order until your controller can connect to the PS5:

  1. Sync your PS5 controller. Plug it into your console with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. If you have another controller but don't have a spare cable, try using the other controller to sync it wirelessly.

  2. Use a different USB-C cable. Make sure you're using the cable that came with the console. If it's not working, try another USB-C cable that can transfer both data and power.

    To rule out problems with a cable, try using it with a different device. It's possible that the cable is able to charge the controller but is unable to transmit information.

  3. Check the USB ports. Gently tug on both ends of the USB cable to make sure they are securely in place. If you see any dust or debris, lightly spray compressed air into the ports to remove it. If the port on the console or controller feels loose, you might need to have it repaired. You can further isolate USB port issues by trying other USB ports, as well.

  4. Disconnect peripheral hardware. Remove any accessories you have connected to the controller such as headphones or headsets.

  5. Unsync other devices from your controller. If you've paired your PS5 controller with your PC or another console, remove it from the other device's list of Bluetooth connections, turn off Bluetooth on the other device, or shut down the other device altogether.

  6. Remove sources of Bluetooth interference. If you're having trouble connecting your controller wirelessly, move closer to the PS5, or remove any objects between the controller and the console. Also, move any nearby Bluetooth devices that could interfere with the wireless signal.

  7. Perform a soft reset. To do this, turn off the console by holding down the power button, or use another controller to turn it off in the system settings. This will clear the memory and resolve some issues.

  8. Factory reset your PS5 controller. Using a straightened paperclip, press the Reset button inside the small hole on the back of the PS5 controller to reset the PS5 controller to factory settings.

    The reset hole in a DualSense controller for PS5
  9. Update the PS5 system software. If you have another controller, check for a system update. Go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.

  10. Replace the PS5 controller battery. If the controller won't charge or turn on, then there's likely a problem with the battery. Look for a replacement online, or have your controller repaired for free if it's still under warranty.

  11. Get your controller repaired or replaced by Sony. If your controller is completely unresponsive, go to Sony's PlayStation Fix and Replace page to see if you can get it repaired or replaced for free.

How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging In Rest Mode

The controller will charge when connected to the console in rest mode by default. To toggle this feature, go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB Ports > Always.

Users have reported a bug that prevents PS5 controllers from charging while the PS5 is in rest mode. This problem usually only affects the USB port on the front of the system, so use the port on the back instead.

  • Why is my PS5 controller flashing blue and not turning on?

    The PS5 controller light flashes when it's trying to connect to the PS5. If the light keeps flashing, reset the controller and update the system software.

  • How do I fix PS5 controller drift?

    To fix PS5 controller drift, start by cleaning your controller. Drip a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the joystick, then move the stick around to clear out any debris. You can replace the joystick yourself, but it requires some soldering.

  • How do I fix sticky buttons on my PS5 controller?

    Wipe the controller with rubbing alcohol, then use a dry cloth to clean it. You can spray canned air to blow out dust and debris. Gently wipe the console with a cloth and some alcohol to keep your PS5 clean.

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