How to Fix It When Prime Video Won't Open on Roku

Troubleshooting streaming issues between Amazon and Roku

When Amazon Prime Video won't open on Roku, it can appear in one of several ways.

  • The Amazon Prime app on Roku won't launch at all.
  • You can't log into your Amazon Prime account.
  • You can't launch any Amazon Prime videos.

These issues may occur without any error messages. They can happen either when you're trying to select the Amazon Prime icon, or when you're logged in and trying to launch a video from your Amazon Prime account.

Cause of Prime Video Not Opening on Roku

If you aren't able to launch Amazon Prime on your Roku device, there could be any number of causes. These include no internet connection, Amazon Prime account problems, or issues with the Roku streaming device itself.

There are also times when Amazon Prime Roku Channel may simply stop working. Or finally, the Roku device itself may be in need of a new firmware update.

How to Fix when Prime Video Won't Open on Roku

Since there are so many potential causes for Prime Video not working on the Roku, it's best to start with the simplest fixes and then work your way through to the more complicated ones.

  1. Are you able to connect any other device in your house to the internet? The most common cause for the Prime Video app not opening on Roku is when your internet connection isn't working. If you can't connect to the internet with your computer or mobile phone, there's likely an internet connection problem for your entire network. If this is the case, you'll need to troubleshoot your internet connection. One of the easiest fixes for this is restarting your router.

  2. Is your internet connection slow? Even if you have a connection to the internet, a slow internet connection can cause problems with opening Roku apps. Test your internet speed. If it's slow, you'll need to work through troubleshooting steps to improve your internet speed.

  3. Restart or reset your Roku device. If there are ongoing app or system errors happening, restarting your Roku device can clear these and get apps working again.

    Also try restarting your Roku device first. If you decide to reset it, you will lose all personal preferences. You'll have to reconnect it to your Roku account and go through the Roku setup process again.

  4. Is your Roku device connected to the internet? If none of the Roku channels open, this could be the problem. Navigate through your Roku menu to check if your Roku has an IP address on your network. If it doesn't, you'll need to connect your Roku to your Wi-Fi network. So long as your Wi-Fi network is connected to the internet, the Amazon Prime channel should start working again.

  5. Check if your Amazon Prime account is still active and that you're using the correct ID and password. You may also want to check if Amazon Prime is currently down. If it is, it would explain why Prime Video won't open on Roku.

  6. Remove the Amazon Prime channel. If the problem with Prime Video not opening on Roku is because the channel is frozen or crashed, uninstalling and adding the channel again should resolve this issue.

    If you're trying to launch 4K UHD content on Amazon Prime, you'll need to make sure you've installed the correct Amazon Prime channel. When you're adding the channel again, select Streaming Channels, select OK, and then select 4K UHD Content Available. You can select to install the Prime Video app from this list.

  7. Update your Roku. If your Roku device is out of date, it can lead to issues like the Amazon Prime channel not opening. Normally, the Roku device automatically updates, but making sure it's fully updated is a good troubleshooting step when channels are working. Use the following steps to update your Roku streaming device.

    1. Select the Home button on your Roku remote
    2. Select Settings, select System Settings, and finally select System Update.
    3. On the System Update screen, select Check Now.
    4. If your Roku needs an update, it will download and update the device automatically.

    You will need access to the Roku home screen to update the device. Once you start the update process, make sure not to interrupt it or turn off your device or you could corrupt the firmware and cause more serious issues with your Roku.

  8. If nothing else has worked and you still can't open Prime Video on Roku, you may need to reach out to Amazon for technical support. Amazon offers a chat page where you can get technical support for issues like this.

  • How do I add Prime Video to Roku?

    To install Amazon Prime Video on Roku, press your Roku remote's Home button and navigate to the Channel Store. Search for Prime Video, select it from the results, and then press Add Channel. Once the app is installed, you'll find it on your channel lineup. When you select it, you'll need to enter your Amazon account credentials to log in.

  • How do I log out of Prime Video on a Roku?

    Open Amazon Prime on your Roku and select a watch profile. From the home screen, use your remote to select Settings (gear icon), and then scroll down and choose Sign Out.

  • How do I turn on closed captioning on Prime Video on Roku?

    You'll use Roku's subtitle settings to turn on closed captioning for Prime Video. Press your Roku remote's Home button and navigate to Settings. Choose Accessibility > Captions Mode, and then select a subtitle option.

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