Pixel Buds Won't Pair With Google Assistant? How to Fix the Problem

Try these fixes if Assistant isn’t working right with your Buds

Google Assistant doesn’t work directly on Pixel Buds, so they need to be connected to a compatible Android phone, and the phone needs to be in range. When Pixel Buds won’t pair with Google Assistant, it’s usually a setup or connectivity problem. The Pixel Buds may need to be set up, or there may be a connection problem between the Pixel Buds and your phone.

While you can use Pixel Buds with iPhone and various other devices like computers, Google Assistant only works with compatible Android phones that meet specific requirements.

What Causes It When Pixel Buds Won’t Work With Google Assistant?

Pixel Buds are supposed to access Google Assistant on your phone when you use Assistant’s wake word or touch and hold your finger to either earbud. The Pixel Buds need to be inserted in your ears to access Assistant, and they also need to be connected to a compatible Android phone.

When Pixel Buds can’t access Google Assistant, it’s usually due to a setup or connectivity problem. If Pixel Buds haven’t been set up with a compatible Android phone yet, they won’t work with Assistant. Pixel Buds can’t access Google Assistant if they’re too far away from your phone. If you’ve connected Pixel Buds to a computer, an iPhone, or anything other than a compatible Android device, Google Assistant won’t work.

How Do I Fix Problems with Pixel Buds and Google Assistant?

To fix the problem with your Pixel Buds and Google Assistant, you’ll need to follow a series of troubleshooting tips. You may need to have your phone forget your Pixel Buds, reset your Pixel Buds, and try several other fixes to get Google Assistant working.

Here’s how to fix it when Pixel Buds won’t work with Assistant:

  1. Make sure that Assistant works with your phone. Pixel Buds require an Android device that works with Assistant. If your device doesn’t meet the requirement to run Assistant, you won’t be able to use Google Assistant with your Pixel Buds unless you upgrade.

  2. Update Google Play Services on your phone. Your phone needs to have Google Play Services fully updated, and it needs at least version 6.13 of the Google app.

  3. Check to see if your Pixel Buds are connected. Can you listen to music and other audio content through your Pixel Buds? If you can't, they may not have connected to your phone. Open the Pixel Buds app or go to Settings > Connected Devices, and check to see if your Pixel Buds are listed. If you don't see your Pixel Buds listed, you'll need to connect them to your phone before you can use Assistant.

  4. Make sure your Pixel Buds are charged. If your Pixel Buds batteries are too low, they can't access Assistant. Place the Pixel Buds in the case, and make sure they have a full charge.

  5. Set your Android system language to English. If you've set your system language to anything other than English, try switching it to English. If it's already English, try changing to a different language and then switching back. If you prefer a language other than English, you can typically switch again after Google Assistant starts working as long as you select a language that works with Assistant.

  6. Reset your Pixel Buds. There may be a problem with your Pixel Buds that a full factory reset can solve. After completing the reset, you’ll need to set up your Pixel Buds before you can check to see if Google Assistant works.

  7. Perform a complete reset and removal if a simple reset doesn’t work. In your phone’s Bluetooth settings, forget the Pixel Buds. Then clear the data from the Pixel Buds app, Google app, and Google Services. Restart your phone, then set up Assistant. Finally, reset your Pixel Buds and go through the setup process again.

  8. Try the Google app beta. There’s a chance that the problem you’re having can’t be fixed until Google issues a software update. If that’s the case, the solution may already be in the beta version of the Google app.

How Do I Connect Pixel Buds to Google Assistant?

When you connect Pixel Buds to an Android phone set up to use Google Assistant, the Pixel Buds automatically connect to Assistant. There are no additional steps, as everything happens behind the scenes. As long you have a compatible Android device with Google Assistant, the Pixel Buds will have access as soon as you connect them.

If Google Assistant works on your phone, but it doesn’t work through your Pixel Buds, then you’re probably dealing with one of the issues mentioned above.

How Do You Use Google Assistant in Pixel Buds?

Google Assistant isn’t in Pixel Buds, and Pixel Buds don’t have Assistant. Pixel Buds connect to your phone, and Google Assistant runs on your phone.

To use Google Assistant through Pixel Buds, you can either say, “Hey Google,” or touch and hold your finger against either earbud.

When you hear the tone, you can issue a command like, “What’s the battery on my earbuds?” or “Help me speak Japanese.” Google Assistant will either answer through the earbuds or perform the requested function.

  • How do I control the volume on my Pixel Buds?

    Swipe forward on either earbud to raise the volume. Swipe backward to lower the volume. You can also say, “Google, raise/lower volume.” Turn on Adaptive Sound in your Pixel Bud settings to automatically adjust the volume based on your surroundings.

  • How do I clean my Pixel Buds?

    Gently use a dry, lint-free cloth to clean your Pixel Buds. You can apply a small amount of water to the cloth. Don't use chemical cleaners, and never clean the earbuds while they are charging.

  • How do I turn off my Pixel Buds?

    Place your Pixel Buds in their case or disconnect them from Bluetooth settings to turn them off.

  • How do I use my Pixel Buds to translate?

    To use the Pixel Buds translate feature, press the right earbud and say, “Google help me speak language.” Hold the right earbud each time you speak. You can then have the other person speak into your phone to get the English translation.

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