How to Fix It When Your Amazon Fire Stick Turns On By Itself

Stop your Fire Stick from turning on when you don't want it to

This article explains how to fix an Amazon Fire Stick turning off by itself.

Causes of Fire Stick Turning On By Itself 

The number one reason why an Amazon Fire Stick will turn by itself is because a certain setting, HDMI-CEC, is enabled, which means that Fire Stick can send a signal to your TV to power on when you use the Fire Stick remote and your TV is off.

Other times, this can be a temporary issue resolved by a restart or using a different HDMI port on your TV. It's also possible there could be an issue with your TV itself or the Fire Stick itself, but these are much less likely causes.

How to Fix Fire Stick Turning On By Itself

A Fire Stick turning on your TV by itself is almost always caused by your device's HDMI-CEC setting, but regardless, the steps you can take to address this issue don't take much time or energy to attempt.

  1. Disable HDMI-CEC on your Fire Stick. HDMI-CEC allows devices connected over HDMI to power on your TV when they're being used, saving you the time it takes to manually power on the TV. Disabling this setting will stop your Fire Stick and your TV from communicating that way.

  2. Restart your Fire Stick. Unplug your Fire Stick from your TV, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back into your TV. This will power cycle your Fire Stick and can resolve any number of temporary issues.

  3. Try using Fire Stick on another TV. Sometimes, your TV can have something wrong with it itself, so make sure to test your Fire Stick on another TV to know where the problem with your Fire Stick actually lies.

  4. Try a different HDMI port on your TV. If you have issues with a certain HDMI port on your TV, sometimes connecting a device to that port can cause strange issues like your Fire Stick turning on by itself. Make sure your HDMI ports aren't the problem by checking to see if your Fire Stick works on a different one.

  5. Connect Fire Stick directly to your TV. If you use an HDMI extender, hub, or another kind of device or cable that sits in between your Fire Stick and your TV, remove this and connect your Fire Stick directly to your TV. Sometimes, not connecting your Fire Stick directly to your TV can cause strange issues.

  6. Reset your Fire Stick. If all else fails, resetting your Fire Stick is a great way to make sure there isn't a bug in the Fire Stick's own software. After the reset, leave your Fire Stick connected to your TV, and check to see if it turns on by itself.

  7. Contact Amazon support. If you've tried all of the above and your Fire Stick continues to turn on by itself, there may be something more serious going on. Contact Amazon support and explain what steps you have taken to try and fix the problem yourself, and support will help you figure out what's going on.

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