How to Fix It When Chromecast Is Blinking White

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When a Chromecast blinks white, it indicates the Chromecast is unable to connect. This can happen at any time, and it can even persist after resetting the Chromecast. If you are able to reconnect your Chromecast, it will stop blinking white and will start functioning normally.

What Causes a Chromecast to Blink White?

Chromecast devices have a single LED which can change a number of different colors, each of which indicates either the process the Chromecast is carrying out or indicates an error has occurred. When a Chromecast blinks white, it indicates the Chromecast is disconnected. It can also indicate the Chromecast needs to be set up, so you’ll see your Chromecast blink white prior to setting it up the first time.

How to Fix a Chromecast That’s Blinking White

To fix a Chromecast that’s blinking white, you need to connect it to your network or set it up. If the Chromecast stopped working suddenly, then it’s probably just having trouble connecting to your network. If that isn’t the problem, then the Chromecast may have to be reset and set up again. 

If you have a new Chromecast which has never been set up, set up your Chromecast before you try any of these troubleshooting tips. It’s normal for a Chromecast to blink white prior to being set up the first time.

To fix a Chromecast that’s blinking white, try each of these fixes:

  1. Check the position of your Chromecast and your wireless router. If you’ve moved either your Chromecast or your router, the Chromecast may not have a strong enough signal to connect. Try moving things around to reduce interference and improve the Wi-Fi signal.

  2. Plug into a different power source. If you’re using a USB port on your TV, try plugging your Chromecast into a different power source, like a standalone power adapter.

  3. Reboot your router and modem. A lot of network connectivity issues can be fixed by rebooting your network hardware. Unplug your modem and router from power for about a minute, then plug them back in. Wait for the router and modem to establish connections, and then check to see if your Chromecast connects and starts working.

  4. Try an HDMI extender. If your Chromecast is tucked away behind your TV, that can end up blocking the Wi-Fi signal. Use an HDMI extender to reposition the Chromecast, and see if it’s able to establish a connection.

  5. Use an ethernet adapter. If your Wi-Fi signal is too weak, you can connect your Chromecast to your router with an ethernet adapter. Unlike a normal internet dongle, the adapter will need to have both an ethernet port and either function as a USB power adapter or have a USB port you can connect to a power adapter.

  6. Make sure your phone isn’t blocking the connection. If you’re having trouble connecting to your Chromecast that’s flashing white, your phone may be at fault. Make sure location services are turned on, and disable your firewall if you have one.

  7. Factory reset your Chromecast. If your Chromecast is suffering from an issue where it’s unable to boot up fully, or it has corrupt firmware, then performing a factory reset will usually fix the problem. You’ll have to set up the Chromecast when you’re done the same way you did when it was new.

What Color Should the Light on My Chromecast Be?

The LED on your Chromecast can change to a number of different colors, it can blink, and it can also dim and brighten. Each combination of these factors indicates a different thing, allowing the Chromecast to communicate a decent amount of information with just one LED light. When a Chromecast is operating normally, the light will be white.

Here’s what the different LED colors mean on a Chromecast:

  • Solid white: The Chromecast is connected to your network, active, and either casting or ready to start casting.
  • Dim white: The Chromecast is on but idle.
  • Blinking white: The Chromecast is unable to connect, or it needs to be set up.
  • Pulsing white and orange: The Chromecast is in the process of updating. Don’t disconnect the Chromecast from power, because that will interrupt the update.
  • Blinking orange: The Chromecast is performing a self-diagnostic. It will return to a white LED unless the device has a problem.
  • Solid orange: Indicates there may be a problem with the Chromecast. Try unplugging it from power for about a minute and then plugging back in.
  • Pulsing red: Indicates an update is in progress in older Chromecast devices.
  • Solid red: Indicates a problem with the device in older Chromecasts. Try unplugging from power for about a minute then plugging back in.
  • Why is my Chromecast screen blinking?

    If your screen flickers and doesn't display correctly, check the cable connection. Use the cable your Chromecast came with and plug the device directly into a wall outlet. Also, check that your television meets Chromecast hardware requirements to view 4K or UHD content.

  • How do I fix the orange blinking light on Chromecast?

    If your Chromecast blinks orange for some time, but you see nothing on screen, unplug your Chromecast and wait for a minute before plugging it back in. If that doesn't change anything, try other Chromecast troubleshooting tips, such as plugging the device into a different TV or power-cycling your Chromecast TV.

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