Alexa Only Playing One Song? How to Fix the Problem

What to do when your Alexa device won't play music

This article explains how to fix it when Alexa is only playing one song and then stops. Instructions in this article apply to all Alexa-enabled devices, including the Amazon Echo Show.

Why Does My Alexa Stop Playing After One Song?

There could be a few reasons why Alexa stops playing music after one song:

  • Temporary glitches
  • Poor Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Alexa is stuck on Loop mode (repeat)
  • Outdated firmware or apps
  • Problems with the music service
  • Duplicate device names in the Alexa app

Why Does My Alexa Stop Playing Music?

If Alexa stops playing music in the middle of a song, it's most likely due to an internet connection problem. Move your device closer to the router if possible, or consider getting a Wi-Fi extender if you have multiple devices set up through your home.

How Do I Get Alexa to Play More Than One Song?

To get Alexa to play music continuously, try these steps in order:

  1. Turn off Alexa Loop mode. If a song is stuck on repeat, say “Alexa, Loop mode off” or “Alexa, stop,” then try playing a different song.

  2. Restart your Alexa device. Unplug the device, wait about 60 seconds, then plug it back in. After Alexa starts up, try playing music again.

  3. Try a different music streaming service. If another service works, use the Alexa app to unlink the service you're having problems with, then reconnect your account and try again.

  4. Troubleshoot Alexa's Wi-Fi connection. If there's a problem with Alexa connecting to Wi-Fi, check your internet connection and restart your device. If possible, move your device closer to the router or boost your Wi-Fi signal.

  5. Update your Alexa device. While you're at it, check for app updates for the Alexa app and your music app on your phone.

  6. Check for duplicate device names. If you have two devices sharing the same name, Alexa can get confused. If you're using Alexa on a third-party speaker, use the manufacturer's app to change the device name.

  7. Log out of other Amazon accounts. If you're logged into multiple Amazon accounts through different apps on your device, Alexa can get mixed up. Make sure to use the same Amazon account when setting up Alexa-enabled services.

  8. Turn off your adblocker. If you have a network-level ad blocker set up, it can cause music services with ads to malfunction, so disable it if possible.

  9. Reset your Alexa device. If nothing else works, restoring your Echo device to factory settings can resolve many common issues.

  • How do I make Alexa play a song on repeat?

    Tell Alexa to start playing the song, then say, “Alexa, loop mode on.” Alexa will play the same song until you say “Alexa, stop” or “Alexa, loop mode off.”

  • How do I play a song on all my Alexa devices?

    First, use the Alexa app to set up Alexa multi-room music. Once you assign your speakers to groups, you can tell Alexa to play music on specific devices, or say “Alexa, play song/artist/genre everywhere.”

  • Why is Alexa only playing samples of songs?

    If you tell Alexa to play a song without specifying a music service, Alexa will only play a sample if you are not an Amazon Music or Amazon Prime subscriber.

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