How to Fix it When Roku Volume Is Not Working

Troubleshooting sound and volume issues while streaming

If your Roku remote won't let you control the volume, you'll likely spot this problem initially when you try to adjust the volume with the standard Roku remote control. Fortunately, fixing this issue is quick and easy.

How Do I Get My Roku Remote to Control the Volume?

The Roku remote control can run into problems from time to time. Even then, the volume buttons typically continue to work, but if they don't, here are some ideas on how to fix it.

  1. Replace the batteries: If the volume buttons aren't doing anything, it could be the batteries have run out.

  2. Are the buttons stuck? If you have young children, or the control is old, it's possible the volume buttons are stuck. Use a mild cleaner, or wet wipes to clean away any grease or gunk from the control, then press the volume buttons repeatedly multiple times to clear any residue.

  3. Is your TV muted? You might find the remote has adjusted the volume (based on the on-screen indicator), but it doesn't do anything. If that's the case, your TV might just be muted. Use your main TV remote to unmute it and see if that fixes the issue.

  4. Re-pair your controller: If your Roku remote has become unsynced from the Roku streaming stick, try to pair it again. That can sometimes kick the remote back into working and let you adjust the volume again.

  5. Are you using the app? If you have Private Listening engaged, the sound will be going to your smartphone or attached headphones, instead of the TV. Toggle off Private Listening to get the sound back on your TV.

Is Roku Having Sound Issues?

If you try the above fixes and your Roku volume still isn't working, it may be that the Roku itself is experiencing some issues. Here are some fixes you can try.

  1. Reset the Roku: Unplug the Roku and its power cable, wait 10 seconds, and plug them back in again to reset the Roku. This can sometimes get the remote to work again, letting you adjust the volume.

  2. Change HDMI port: Plug the Roku into a different HDMI port. If the port was faulty, you wouldn't be able to adjust the volume with the remote.

  3. Change A/V port: Similarly, if your Roku relies on an external A/V system for sound, make sure it is connected properly and isn't experiencing any errors itself.

  4. Change the cables: If your audio setup relies on cables, you might consider replacing them with ones you know work to see if that fixes the volume issue.

  5. Adjust sound settings: It may be the Roku's sound settings need tweaking. Go to Settings > Audio and then tweak the options for your particular setup. If you're using an optical cable, set HDMI and S/PDIF to Dolby D.

  6. Turn off your surround sound: Test if the surround sound is the problem by going to Settings > Audio and set Audio mode to Stereo. Then set HDMI to PCM-Stereo.

  • How do you turn up volume on Roku without a remote?

    You can use the Roku app to control your Roku device if you don't have a remote or your remote isn't working. Follow along with our step-by-step guide for instructions on how to do just that. Also, Roku TVs have dedicated volume buttons you can use to adjust volume without a remote as well.

  • How do you use the Roku remote to control soundbar volume?

    With a Roku TV that supports HDMI-ARC, if you have a compatible soundbar connected to your TV's HDMI-ARC port, you can use the Roku remote to adjust the TV"s volume and thus the volume of your soundbar. However, not all configurations will support this.

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