Using Sound Check for iPod touch Volume

Banish annoying volume differences on iPod touch using Sound Check

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The iPod touch is a portable device for watching music videos, running music apps, and listening to your music library while on the go. If the songs you listen to play at different volumes, there's a way to fix that problem without adjusting the volume controls to maintain a consistent volume across all your songs.

Information in this article applies to 7th and 6th generation iPod touch devices running iOS 12 and iOS 11.

How to Deal With Volume Variations in Your Music Library

The iPod touch has a built-in feature called Sound Check that is a quick way to equalize the volume level across all your music. It works in the background by profiling the loudness of songs and then calculating a playback volume for each one. This process is referred to as audio normalization, and it is an essential feature if your music library has substantial volume differences.

As you add new music, Sound Check scans it and normalizes the volume. If you turn off Sound Check, the normalization data is stored, not lost, for the day you turn the feature back on.

How to Use the iPod touch Sound Check Feature

As with the iPhone, the Sound Check feature on the iPod touch is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. On the iPod touch Home screen, tap the Settings icon.

  2. Scroll down the list of options, then tap Music.

  3. Turn on the Sound Check toggle switch.

    Music tab and Sound Check toggle on iOS
  4. After the Sound Check feature is enabled, exit the settings screen by pressing the Home button.

To stop using Sound Check, reverse the steps and turn off the Sound Check toggle switch.

Test Sound Check by selecting songs in your music library that you know are either quiet or loud. To play the songs or playlists, to go the Home screen and tap the Music icon.

How to Use Sound Check With iTunes on Your Computer

Sound Check also works on your desktop or laptop if you have the iTunes software installed. Whether you use a PC or Mac, it's possible to normalize iTunes songs on your computer using sound check. From the iTunes Preferences, select the Playback tab and select the Sound Check check box.

Sound Check checkbox in iTunes on macOS

Sound Check works with .aac, .mp3, .wav, and .aiff file types.