How to Fix a Surface Pro That Won't Turn On

Get your Surface Pro working again with these troubleshooting tips

If your Microsoft Surface Pro won't turn on, there are a few ways to troubleshoot the problem and get it working again. The problem is usually solvable through a process of elimination. Start with the most apparent potential causes and work toward the more complex ones.

Reasons Why a Microsoft Surface Won't Turn On

There are several possible causes of a dead or faulty Surface Pro. Usually, the problem only reveals itself with its corresponding fix. In this guide, we walk you through a list of possible causes, starting with the most common.

How to Fix a Surface Pro That Won't Turn On

Follow these steps in order to get your Surface Pro working again.

  1. Recharge the battery. If you use your Surface Pro or another Surface device for an extended period without plugging it in, its battery may run out of power. Plug in the charging cable and press the power button on the upper-left corner of the device.

    Depending on how you configured the device's hibernation settings, the battery could discharge more quickly than you'd expect, even if you don't use it, because the device is on even when it appears to be suspended.

    You don't need to wait for a Surface to charge completely before turning it on. A Surface can be turned on as soon as it's connected to a power source.

  2. Check the Surface charging cable. If your Surface doesn't turn on even after it's plugged in, the charging cable may be damaged. The easiest way to tell if the charging cable is damaged is to check the white LED light on the end of the cable that connects to the side of the Surface. When the cable functions correctly, the LED lights up as soon as it's plugged into the Surface. If the light fails to turn on, there are a few possible solutions:

    • Disconnect the cable from the Surface Pro, then plug it back in.
    • Unplug the cable from the power socket, then plug it back in.
    • Try a different power socket.
    • Reverse the cable and plug it in the other way around.
    • Check the cable for faulty wiring. Bend the cable slightly in different places. If the charging light flickers on as you move the cable, it's damaged and needs to be replaced.
  3. Perform a soft reset. If the Surface computer doesn't turn on or is frozen, a common way to fix it is to perform a soft reset. A soft reset is a way to force a computer to restart without affecting any files, settings, or programs.

    The force shutdown method varies by Surface model. Make sure to use the correct method outlined in the above-linked article.

  4. Turn on the Surface Pro with a keyboard shortcut. If you have a Type Cover, Touch Cover, or other keyboard attached to your Surface, turn on the computer by pressing Windows logo key+Ctrl+Shift+B.

    If you don't have a keyboard attached to your Surface, turn it on by quickly flicking the volume up and volume down buttons back and forth three times.

  5. Remove all Surface accessories. Sometimes having devices connected to a Surface Book, Laptop, Go, or Pro can affect its ability to turn on properly. If your Surface doesn't turn on, disconnect all keyboards, mice, and other USB devices from it before pressing the power button.

  6. Contact Microsoft technical support. If you tried all these solutions and your Surface Pro still doesn't turn on, get in touch with the store you purchased the Surface from or the Microsoft official support service. Official Microsoft Store locations offer technical support to customers. Or you can chat with support personnel on the Microsoft Support web page.

  • Why won't my Surface Pro let me turn on Bluetooth?

    If Bluetooth isn't working on your PC, check for Bluetooth driver updates, restart the Bluetooth service, and restart your PC. If you still have problems, run the Windows Bluetooth troubleshooter.

  • Why won't the light on my Surface Pro keyboard turn on?

    To turn on the keyboard backlight, make sure the Fn key is not enabled. Then, depending on your keyboard, press F7 or use the F1 and F2 keys to adjust the backlight.

  • Why won't my Surface Pro automatically turn on when I open it?

    Your computer might be set to hibernate or shut down when you close the lid. To change it, go to the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Choose what closing the lid does.

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