How to Fix Spotify Song Change Notifications Not Working on Windows 11

But, with a little work, you can get the Spotify overlay working again

This article explains why the Windows Spotify app can no longer display notifications when the song changes. It also helps problem solve when special overlay controls for controlling the media playback stop working and how you can try to get them working again.

The solutions on this page apply to the official Spotify app for Windows devices when used on Windows 11 computers, laptops, and hybrid devices such as a Microsoft Surface. 

Why Aren’t Spotify Song Change Notifications Showing in Windows 11?

Spotify used to show on-screen notifications when a song changed on Windows 10, but this feature is no longer supported on Windows 11 devices due to how the operating system handles media playback.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix or reactivate this Spotify song notification feature when using Windows 11.

One alternative to the Windows 10 notifications on Windows 11 is to snap the Spotify app using Windows 11’s snap feature so you can always see what’s playing.

How to Fix Window 11 Spotify Overlay Control Problems

Here’s how to fix the Spotify Windows 11 overlay control bug.

  1. Restart Windows 11’s File Explorer. Open Task Manager, right-click explorer.exe from inside the Details tab, and choose End task > End process. Then, to start it back up: Go to File > Run new task > explorer.exe > OK

  2. Restart Windows 11. A bit of a cliché but restarting your Windows 11 computer can fix the Spotify overlay issue and a variety of other issues.

  3. Quit and re-open Spotify. Close the app as usual and then re-open it.

    If you have Spotify set to minimize instead of fully quitting when closed, right-click its icon in the Windows 11 taskbar and select Close all windows.

  4. Update Windows 11. Windows updates often include a number of fixes for bugs in addition to important firmware updates that help stabilize devices and software.

  5. Update the Spotify app. The Spotify app should automatically update in the background once a new version is detected but you can check for an update and install one if available within the Microsoft Store app.

  6. Free up space on your Windows 11 device. Try uninstalling unused apps and moving some large files to another storage device or a cloud service.

  7. Unhide the taskbar. Hiding the taskbar can conflict with some Windows 11 overlay features.

  8. Pin the Spotify app to the taskbar. If the Spotify app icon keeps moving in the Windows 11 taskbar or hiding itself, lock it in place.

  9. Reinstall the Windows Spotify app. As a last resort, uninstall the Spotify app, restart your Windows 11 device, and then reinstall it from the Microsoft Store app.

  • Why can't I see Spotify overlay controls in Windows 11?

    Special overlay controls that allow you to skip forward or backwards in a playlist and play and pause a track should appear when you hover your mouse cursor over the Spotify app icon in the Windows 11 taskbar. If these mini controls don’t show up, it’s likely due to a minor system memory issue with Windows 11 caused by a lack of free space or too many apps and processes running at the same time.

  • How do I fix the "Spotify can't play this song right now" error?

    If Spotify can't play the current song, you can try several methods to get it working again. Easy fixes include restarting the app or your computer, logging out and back in, and checking for an update.

  • How do I fix Spotify not responding?

    Usually, when you have streaming errors on Spotify, it's an issue with the network. Check that your device has a strong internet connection, and restart your hardware if necessary. To avoid this problem completely, you can download songs from Spotify.

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