How to Fix It When Sound Isn't Working on Instagram

If you are sure the video has sound, here are 11 ways to get sound working again

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This article takes you through various steps to get audio playing again on Instagram. It will also explain possible reasons why this has happened.

Why Isn’t Instagram Playing Sound?

A lack of sound in Instagram, whether it's in Stories/Reels or videos from regular posts, is likely due to one of two core problems: The app itself, or the device you’re using it on. The trick is figuring out what the specific issue is.

  • The video itself might not actually have any sound. If you don’t see a crossed-off speaker icon on the screen when the video is playing, the video might not have any sound.
  • Sound on your device (smartphone, PC, or laptop) may be muted or turned down low enough to not be audible.
  • It’s also possible that external speakers, earbuds, or headphones (if you use them) are disconnected, or that the cables (if there are any) were physically shaken loose.
  • A lack of video sound could also be the result of missing an app update.
  • If you’re using a web browser, a full cache might also contribute to audio errors.
  • Having multiple tabs open in a web browser could conflict with audio in the tab Instagram is open in. Particularly if those other tabs are also playing video.
  • It’s also possible that a browser extension is causing the error.
  • Audio codecs, or a lack of codec updates, might also contribute to problems with sound on Instagram.
  • Instagram itself may be the problem due to a system glitch, a bugged update, and so on.

How to Fix Sounds Not Playing in Instagram

In most cases, the explanation for no sound on Instagram videos is more than likely a simple one. Though there are a handful of scenarios where fixing the problem could become complicated. Before we dive in, double-check to see if the video actually has sound. If it doesn't then you know it isn't your system.

  1. Look for a crossed-out speaker icon that indicates the video’s sound has been muted, then tap the icon to unmute.

  2. Make sure your device isn’t muted or the audio hardware isn’t otherwise inoperable. You can check volume issues on an iPhone or run a Sound Check on an iPhone. Similarly, on Android, you can also test if Android's speaker isn't working. If you're using the desk top app, try checking for Windows sound issues or Mac sound problems, as well.

  3. Check your external sound devices (speakers, earbuds, headphones). If they’re wireless, look to see if they’re connected to your device. If they’re wired, make sure they’re still plugged into your device and that the connection isn’t loose.

  4. Close the Instagram app completely (or close the browser window/tab Instagram is using), then open it again. Or if you’re on a web browser, try quitting out of the browser and restarting it. Sometimes a quick close and reopen is all it takes.

  5. When using a web browser and keeping multiple tabs open at the same time, closing tabs may help. Get rid of tabs that look like they could be conflicting with Instagram’s audio (i.e. tabs with other videos in them), or might be using a lot of processing power.

  6. If you’re using a web browser, try clearing the browser's cache. This could free up memory that was causing problems, or get rid of some process that was creating an audio error.

  7. Check for app updates when using the mobile Instagram app. An out-of-date app can cause all sorts of problems.

  8. Restart your device.

  9. Manage your browser extensions. Some extensions could be blocking Instagram or certain kinds of content due to their settings, or they could be old enough that they aren’t compatible anymore. Disable or remove extensions you don’t need anymore. You can also try systematically disabling extensions one by one to see if Instagram’s audio starts working again.

  10. If you suspect audio codec problems on your PC or laptop, try to make sure they’re all updated to the most recent version. Or install a new codec pack.

  11. In the event that nothing else seems to work, Instagram itself could be the problem. If the service is experiencing technical difficulties your best bet is to wait a few minutes/hours/days and see if things sort themselves out. Otherwise, you can attempt to get in touch with Instagram directly to report the problem.

  • How do you add sound to an Instagram post?

    You can only add sounds to an Instagram video post (not a photo). To add a voiceover to a video post, select the video, and then choose the musical note icon at the top of the screen. Pick Voiceover to record narration. On a story or reel, you have the extra option to add music through the Stickers heading. Reels can include voiceovers, music, and sound effects.

  • How do I turn off the sound on an Instagram post?

    After you've selected or shot the video, choose Next, and then select the icon shaped like musical notes at the top of the screen. Drag the Camera Audio slider down to 0, which will mute all of the sound in the video.

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