How to Fix It When Your Samsung Tablet Is Frozen

There are many ways to unfreeze a Samsung tablet and stop it from freezing again

This article will walk you through some of the causes for a Samsung tablet getting frozen and will also provide a number of strategies for how to unfreeze a tablet that’s become unresponsive and help prevent it from freezing again in the future.

Why Does My Samsung Tablet Keep Freezing Up?

A Samsung tablet that freezes or becomes unresponsive is often the result of a lack of free space on the hard drive, some sort of conflict between an app or service and the hardware, or an out-of-date operating system or software.

Inconsistent or weak wireless connectivity can also freeze or crash an app on a Samsung tablet which can itself freeze the entire device.

How Do You Unfreeze a Samsung Tablet?

Here are the best, and safest, ways to unfreeze a Samsung tablet that won’t respond to any touch commands.

  1. Hard restart your Samsung tablet. If you can’t access any menus, you should still be able to restart your frozen Samsung tablet by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons until it turns off. 

    The method for hard resetting or hard rebooting your Samsung tablet may vary depending on the version of the operating system and hardware model.

  2. Drain the tablet’s battery. If you’re still unable to restart your Samsung tablet, wait for its battery power to completely drain. This will shut the tablet down, after which you can then charge it and turn it on.

  3. Reboot the tablet in Safe Mode. If a recently-installed app is causing your Samsung tablet to freeze, restart the tablet in Safe Mode and uninstall the app.

How Do I Stop My Tablet From Freezing?

Once you’ve unfrozen your Samsung tablet, there are several checks you can perform to stop your tablet from freezing again and again.

  1. Scan your Samsung tablet for errors. Select Settings > Device Maintenance > Optimize. This will scan your tablet for errors and correct any it finds, and will also improve its overall performance to help prevent crashes in the future.

  2. Update your Samsung tablet’s operating system. Operating system updates can often include firmware updates and performance improvements that can help prevent your tablet from freezing again.

  3. Update your tablet’s apps. Some apps can cause Samsung tablets to freeze but these bugs are often fixed in future app updates which should be installed as soon as they’re made available.

  4. Turn on Airplane mode. It’s possible the Wi-Fi, cellular, or Bluetooth connection are causing conflicts which are resulting in your tablet freezing. Airplane mode will disable all of these wireless signals which can help you work out if one of them is a factor. You can then experiment with each wireless connection to pinpoint which one is the troublemaker.

  5. Close all open apps. You may have several apps running at once which can cause slowdown and freezing on Samsung tablets.

  6. Uninstall unused Android apps. Free up space on your Samsung tablet to help it run better by deleting old apps.

  7. Delete unused files. The downloads folder on your Samsung tablet is a good place to check for unused files. Transfer media to an SD card or a cloud storage service to free up even more space, improve performance, and help prevent further freezing.

  8. Turn off tablet background tasks. To shut down background tasks which could be causing freezing, select Settings > Battery and device care > Memory > Clean.

  9. Disable your tablet’s VPN. An unstable VPN connection can result in freezing while using online apps and services. Turn it off and, if it’s the cause of the freezing, consider switching to another VPN service.

  10. Perform a factory reset. If your tablet continues to freeze, as a last resort, you can reset your Samsung tablet to its factory settings. Makes sure to back up all of your data as this process will remove everything you’ve saved to the tablet since you got it.

  11. Contact an official Samsung Repair center. If you still can’t unfreeze your Samsung tablet or stop it from freezing again and again, it’s worth contacting Samsung directly and requesting a repair or replacement.

  • Can I take the battery out of a Samsung tablet to unfreeze it?

    Removing a battery while the tablet is still turned on can be dangerous and can also result in more damage to the tablet itself. In addition to the potential dangers, doing so can also void your Samsung tablet’s warranty. If removing the battery is absolutely necessary, take your Samsung tablet to your service provider, the store you bought it from, or an authorized repair agent and ask the staff there to do it for you.

  • How do I fix a constantly rebooting or restarting Samsung tablet?

    If your tablet keeps cycling and never completes booting up, you should try charging it for a few hours first. If it won't hold a charge, you may need to schedule service to replace the battery or charging port. You can also try clearing the cache: Start up the tablet while holding Volume Up and Power. When the menu appears, choose Wipe cache partition.

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