How to Fix It When Roku Remote App Won't Connect

Try these proven troubleshooting tips to diagnose the problem

If you've downloaded the Roku—Official Remote App to your mobile phone, but the app doesn’t recognize or display your Roku TV, here are several troubleshooting steps to try to get the app connected to your television.

Why Is My Phone Not Connecting to My Roku TV?

There is no single cause as to why the Roku app doesn’t see your television. It can be a simple setting you can adjust on your Roku TV or a difference in the network you’re using for your mobile phone versus your TV. Start with the most common issue at the top of this list and work your way down until you’ve solved the problem.

How Do I Get My Roku TV to Display in the Roku App?

You can work through these troubleshooting options whether you’re using the Roku app on your Android or iOS device.

  1. Enable your Roku TV to use mobile apps. You may not realize it but there is a setting which allows mobile apps to control your Roku TV. This setting must be turned on for the Roku app to work. Grab your Roku remote and press the Home button. Select Settings > System > Advanced System Settings. Pick Control by mobile apps and click Network access. Choose either Default (most common) or Permissive (for advanced configurations).

  2. Make sure both devices are on the same network and the same band. In order for the app on your mobile phone to work with your Roku TV, both must be using the same network. And if you use a dual band router, both devices must use the same band. You can check which network your Roku TV is using by going to Settings > Network > About

  3. Give your iPhone permission to access your Roku TV. If you are running iOS 14 or later, you must enable the Local Network setting on your mobile device for the Roku app. Go to Settings > Roku and enable the toggle for Local Network.

  4. Confirm your Roku TV is using a private IP address. Devices like your mobile phone, computer, and Roku TV should be using private IP addresses. If you do not have a router on your network, it’s possible your Roku TV is using a public IP address instead. If this is the case, you can install a router or contact your network management expert. Go to Settings > Network > About to see your Roku TV’s IP address.

  5. Disconnect from your VPN when using the Roku app. You may connect to a VPN with your mobile device to access your company’s network. Since some VPNs route all applications through it, this may cause your Roku TV to not display in the Roku app. You can disconnect from the VPN and then reconnect after you finish using the Roku app.

  6. Restart your Roku TV and the Roku app. Often times a simple restart can help fix the problem. Restart your Roku TV and then quit or close and reopen the Roku app on your mobile phone.

How Do I Connect My Roku Remote App Manually?

If none of the above troubleshooting options help, you can connect the Roku app to your Roku TV manually. Obtain the IP address for your Roku TV by visiting Settings > Network > About

Then, open the Roku app on your phone, go to the Devices tab, and tap the three dots on the top left. Choose Connect Manually, enter the IP address for your Roku TV, and tap Connect.

Get Support From Roku

If you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps and are unable to connect your Roku TV to the Roku app manually, it’s probably time to contact Roku for assistance. Visit the Roku Support page and select a support option.

  • Why doesn't the keyboard work on the Roku remote app?

    Not all channels on Roku, such as Amazon Prime, support keyboard input from the Roku app. Roku allows channel developers to decide whether or not users can use this feature.

  • Why does my Android Roku remote app keep closing?

    You might need to update the app and restart your device. Check for an app update in Google Play from the Menu > My apps & games > Updates. You could also try clearing the Android app's cache and uninstalling and reinstalling it.

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