How to Fix Roku Error Code 009

Troubleshooting this error code on Roku

Error code 009 is a warning message that often appears on Roku devices when they have trouble connecting to a wireless or wired internet connection. This guide will walk you through all of the proven fixes for the Roku Error 009 issue to help you get connected to the internet again so that you can access and watch your content.

What Is Error 009 on My Roku?

The Roku Error 009 warning is almost always because the Roku device can't connect to the internet. Error 009 can appear when trying to connect a Roku to both wired and wireless networks. Typical causes include an issue with the internet service provider, the modem or router, a corruption of user or DNS data, or hardware issues such as a damaged cable or a blocked Wi-Fi signal.

What Do You Do When Your Roku Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi?

Here are all the proven fixes to try for when you get the 009 error message and can’t connect your Roku to the internet.

  1. Check the internet on your other devices. This way, you can find out if the problem is your internet connection or your Roku.

  2. Check your Roku’s internet connection. This quick process can show you if your Roku is connecting to the internet properly or not.

  3. Check your power and internet cables. One or more of the cables may have become disconnected. If one looks damaged, try replacing it.

  4. Restart your modem. This process creates a new connection with your internet service provider and can often fix a temporary disconnection.

  5. Try a different Roku app. The Error 009 code could be related to a single app or service. If this is the case, you can check if services like Paramount Plus or Disney Plus are down.

  6. Restart your Roku. A quick restart could get your Roku’s internet working correctly again.

  7. Ask your internet service provider. Your internet connection may have limitations on streaming services and devices that could be affecting your Roku’s connectivity. Such a limit is standard in hotels, schools, and places with free public internet.

  8. Clear the space around your Roku and modem. Make sure that nothing is blocking the Wi-Fi signal from reaching your Roku. Halloween and Christmas decorations can often cause wireless connectivity issues.

  9. Try a wired connection. If your Roku is on Wi-Fi, connect the device to your modem or router directly with an Ethernet cable. Not only can this provide a faster internet connection, but it can often be more stable too.

  10. Clear your Roku’s cache. On your remote, press Home five times, Up once, Rewind two times, and Fast Forward two times. This sequence will clear the cache on your Roku. It can take several minutes to complete but should improve the device’s overall efficiency.

  11. Perform a Network connection reset. Select Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Network Connection Reset > Reset Connection to remove all your internet connection data. Once done, try connecting to a new connection.

  12. Connect Roku to another network. Try using your Roku on another internet connection. If it’s still having issues, the problem is likely related to the Roku itself.

  13. Factory reset your Roku. This process will return your Roku to its as-new state. It will remove all of your data and preferences, but it can also fix problems that you can’t fix via all of the above steps.

  14. Contact Roku Support. If all else fails, reach out to Roku’s official support and see if they can help you directly.

Why Won’t My Roku Stay Connected to the Internet?

If your Roku repeatedly disconnects from the internet, the cause could be poor service from your provider, a damaged router, or damaged hardware. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix common Roku internet connection problems.

How Do I Fix My Roku Error?

A lot of the fixes mentioned above, such as restarting your Roku, can solve various Roku errors. In most cases, it’s a good idea to look up the specific solutions for each error message.

For example, the Roku error 014.30 has its own set of fixes, while dealing with the Roku YouTube or Netflix apps when they won’t work correctly requires an entirely different set of tips and tricks.

  • How do I fix Roku error code 003?

    You may see Roku error code 003 when there is a problem updating the system software. Check your internet connection and connect your Roku to your router via Ethernet cable if possible. If you're still having trouble, try logging in and logging out, rebooting, and resetting your device.

  • What does error code 005 on Roku mean?

    Roku error code 005 is another network connectivity error code related to system updates. Troubleshoot your internet connection and network equipment and reset your Roku as a last resort.

  • What is Roku error code 001?

    Error code 001 means there was a problem setting up your Roku. It could be due to a faulty internet connection, or you may have entered the wrong activation code.

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