How to Fix It When Roku Channels Won't Open

Reset channels on Roku and get it working again

When one or more of your Roku channels fails to open, start by resetting the channel. If that step doesn’t provide a resolution, you have numerous options to explore, such as rebooting your Roku, checking connectivity, and updating your software.

Reasons Why Roku Channels Won’t Open

There are a few common reasons why Roku channels won’t open as expected.

  • The channel needs to be updated.
  • Something went wrong when downloading the channel.
  • The channel developer is resolving issues.
  • The channel no longer receives support for Roku.
  • Your Roku lost connectivity.

To narrow down the source of the issue, check multiple channels to see if the problem is with select apps or your entire Roku device. 

How to Fix It When Roku Channels Don’t Open

Typically, a channel update or reset can eliminate the issue. If the problem seems more system-wide, this troubleshooting list includes other tips to help you get your Roku channels opening again.

  1. Check for a channel update. If a channel opens but crashes immediately or doesn’t open at all, you might need to update it. Highlight the channel > press the star button > Check for updates.

  2. Remove and reinstall the channel. When an individual channel update doesn’t work or isn’t available, remove it, restart your Roku, and install the Roku channel again.

  3. Check for a Roku system update. Though your Roku checks automatically, you might need to trigger a manual update. Go to Home > Settings > System > System update > Check now.

  4. Reboot your Roku. If there’s no Roku system update, it’s never a bad idea to power off your Roku and restart the device.

  5. Reset your network connection. First, check that you’ve connected to the internet by going to Settings > Network > Check connection. Even if your connection is fine, disconnect and reconnect to your network and reboot your Roku. 

  6. Check with the channel developer. Go to the channel provider’s website to double-check that the developer still supports the channel for Roku. If there’s still support and you can't find information about your issue on the company's social media or support pages, contact the developer directly.

  7. Reset your Roku to factory settings. If you’ve explored all the other options and you can’t open multiple Roku channels, this step could be the last one to try before contacting Roku support.

  8. Contact Roku support. When all else fails, seek help from Roku. Ensure you can provide details about your TV model, Roku OS version, and the issues you’re experiencing with channels not opening. 

How Do You Reset Channels on Roku?

To reset channels on Roku, remove them and then add them back. Highlight the channel > press the star button on your remote > select Remove channel > Remove

After you’ve removed a channel, be sure to restart your Roku device before installing it again.

How Do I Reboot My Roku?

Rebooting your Roku device solves many major Roku issues, including channels that won't open. You can reboot your device in a couple of ways:

  • System restart: Select Home > Settings > System > System restart > Restart. You might need to go to System > Power on a Roku TV to find the System restart option.
  • Remove power physically: If you have a Roku TV, unplug it. For Roku streaming devices or streaming sticks, remove them from TV sets and disconnect power adapters before connecting everything and powering back up. 

How Do I Fix My Roku When It’s Not Working?

When your Roku isn’t working, start with the system and channel updates and resetting your Wi-Fi connection. Here are a few other helpful checks to run through:

If you see a particular error message on your Roku, write it down so that you can tell a support person about it to help troubleshoot.

  • Why won't Roku open certain channels?

    If a specific channel no longer opens, such as YouTube not opening on Roku, Roku may have severed ties with the channel provider. If you have an aging Roku device, visit the channel developer's site and review its list of supported models to ensure yours is still compatible.

  • How do I open private channels on Roku?

    You can add a non-certified channel from the Roku website if you know the private channel's access code. Log in to your account at > select Manage account > Add channel with a code > then update your Roku from the system settings menu. Find and select the channel at the bottom of the channel list to open it and play content.

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