How to Fix It When a Fire Stick Keeps Restarting

Power, operating system, and hardware issues can cause a Fire Stick to keep rebooting

This article walks you through ways you can get a constantly restarting Fire Stick problem fixed so you can get back to streaming.

Why Does My Fire Stick Keep Restarting?

If your Amazon Fire Stick keeps turning itself off and then on again, there could be a few reasons it's happening. The most common reason is that there's a power issue with the device. If it's not receiving consistent power, it may cause the device to power cycle (restart) without your input.

Other reasons you may see your Fire Stick restarting without your help could be related to hardware or software issues. Regardless of the problem, the solutions below should help you.

What Do I Do if My Fire Stick Keeps Restarting?

If your Fire Stick keeps restarting with your input, try these troubleshooting steps one at a time in the order listed until you find the solution that stops the problem to keep your Fire Stick powered on consistently.

  1. Make sure you're using the correct power block with your Amazon Fire Stick. The most common cause of a Fire Stick getting stuck in a restart loop is that you aren't using the correct power block. Amazon recommends a 5.25v, 5W power block. If you're using anything else, it's always best to use original equipment from the manufacturer.

  2. Disconnect and then reconnect your Amazon Fire Stick. Once you've disconnected it entirely from your TV and the power source, wait 20-30 seconds, then reconnect it and see if that fixed the problem. Sometimes, unplugging a connected device can help release or remove any glitch or software error that might occur.

  3. Remove any hardware extensions you may be using. If you've connected your Fire Stick to a USB extension or any other extension so you can place it away from your TV, the extension could be the problem. Try connecting your Fire Stick directly to your TV to see if that solves the problem.

  4. Disconnect any devices plugged into other HDMI ports on your TV. Another HDMI device could be creating interference for your Fire Stick, which would cause it to restart constantly. Try disconnecting anything you're not currently using to see if that might resolve the issue.

  5. Check and replace cables. Check your power cable and any other cables you're using to make sure they're not frayed or worn. If they are, replace them. You can even replace any cables that look fine to see if that might be the issue.

  6. Restart your Fire Stick using the remote. Restarting via remote is also known as a 'soft reset' and could clear out any cached data or glitches that might be causing the restart loop. To use your remote to restart, press and hold the Play and Select buttons simultaneously until your screen displays a restart message.

  7. Make sure the TV your Fire Stick is connected to supports HDCP. Amazon Fire Sticks require HDCP-compatible displays. While the overwhelming majority of TVs out there support this feature, not all will, and if you're using a TV that doesn't support HDCP, it could cause your Fire Stick to reboot as it looks for a compatible connection constantly.

  8. Update your Fire Stick. Outdated firmware or software on your Fire Stick could cause it to get stuck in a reboot loop. Always keep your Fire Stick updated to prevent these issues or any security problems that might arise.

  9. Factory reset your Amazon Fire Stick. If your Fire Stick has become corrupted for any reason, it won't work correctly. If you can, try a factory reset to get it back to factory specs.

    When you reset your Fire Stick, you'll lose all the apps you've downloaded, so make sure you have time to add them and the usernames and passwords you'll need to get connected.

  • Why does my Fire Stick keep blinking off and on?

    If your Fire Stick is blinking off and on it could mean the device is in setup mode or it could be a problem with the video signal, the HDMI connection, or the refresh rate or resolution. Once setup is done, the lights should be off. But, if not, try replacing your HDMI cable, making sure your Fire Stick is connected to the internet, or by going to Settings > Display and Sounds > Display > Video Resolution on your Fire Stick to adjust the resolution settings so they are compatible with your TV.

  • Why does my Fire Stick keep restarting when I'm using Spotify?

    If Spotify is not working correctly on your Fire Stick, make sure Spotify is not down first. Then, check your Wi-Fi connection and make sure you're not in airplane mode. Finally, check for updates for the Spotify app as well as the Fire Stick.

  • How do I stop my Fire Stick from turning off?

    As with a Fire Stick that keeps restarting, many things can cause your Fire Stick to turn off frequently and of its own volition. So the best thing to do is troubleshoot why your Fire Stick keeps turning off.

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