How to Fix a PS4 That Keeps Turning off by Itself

Stop your console from interrupting your game time

The PlayStation 4 can sometimes shut off by itself soon after you turn the system on or after you've been using it for a while. Depending on when it happens, this may be a minor issue with an easy fix or a sign that your console needs servicing.

Instructions in this article apply to all models of PlayStation 4.

Causes of PlayStation 4 Turning off by Itself

The reasons a PlayStation 4 might turn off when you don't want it to can be trivial or catastrophic. The PlayStation 4 may be overheating, have corrupted firmware or weak soldering of internal components, a bad hard drive, or just dust or dirt on the switch. Follow these steps to try to fix it yourself before you start a service ticket.

How to Fix a PlayStation 4 Turning off by Itself

Because the causes are varied, so are the fixes. Try the following troubleshooting steps to see if you can get your PlayStation 4 working like it should.

  1. Clean the "on" button. Both the PlayStation 4 Pro (a later model that supports 4K display resolutions) and the smaller PS4 "Slim" have physical buttons for turning on the console and ejecting discs. Earlier versions of the console, however, have touch-sensitive sections to perform these tasks. If they get dirt or oil on them, they can activate on their own.

  2. Check the cable connections. If your power cable is loose, it may lose the connection. Make sure it's firmly connected to both the console and the wall outlet or power strip.

    If everything seems to be working fine, you can try replacing the cord if no other suggestions work.

  3. Give your PS4 a break. If a blinking and/or colored power light accompanies the issue, the system may be overheating. You can try unplugging it from the wall for a few minutes. Try it again with a different outlet.

    Your PlayStation 4's power indicator may display a blinking red light, a blue light, or no light at all when it has this issue.

  4. Move the console. If your PlayStation 4 is overheating, it may not have enough room to move the hot air it generates away from its interior. If it's inside an entertainment center, for example, move it out of the cubby and to a place where it has a few inches on each size to keep itself cool.

  5. Check for a software update. If your system is turning off after you've been using it for a while and not immediately after starting it up, check to see if it needs an update by going to Settings > System Software Update > Update Now.

    It's also possible that the firmware you're currently running is corrupt, and you may need to install a new one with an external drive. Use Sony's step-by-step instructions to do this.

    For this and later steps, it's a good idea to back up your PS4 data before you try them.

  6. Reset the PlayStation 4. This operation involves completely deleting the hard drive and restoring the system to the state it was in when you first set it up. Perform this on the console by going to Settings > Initialization > Initialize PS4 and follow the prompts.

  7. Start the PS4 in Safe Mode. If the system won't stay on long enough for you to try some of these fixes, you should give Safe Mode a try. It's a state that only runs the most necessary functions the PS4 needs to run, so it might avoid whatever's causing it to malfunction. To enter Safe Mode:

    1. Turn off the console.
    2. Hold the power button. You'll hear a beep when you first press it, but keep holding it until you hear another one, which will be about seven seconds later.
    3. Plug in your controller and press its PS button.
  8. Check the hard drive. An improperly seated hard drive can cause performance problems, and a faulty one can stop your console from working at all. The easiest fix is to ensure that the drive is seated firmly into place, but you may also have to replace the PS4 hard drive.

    How you access your hard drive depends on which model you own:

    • PlayStation 4: Slide the cover off of the top-left side of the console.
    • PlayStation 4 Slim: Slide off the cover on the back of the console.
    • PlayStation 4 Pro: Turn the console upside-down and remove the cover from the back.
    How to access the hard drive in each version of the PlayStation 4
  9. Contact Sony. If none of these fixes work, your system may need servicing. Reach out to Sony for any additional troubleshooting solutions and to start the repair process.

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