How to Fix it When Your PS4 Keeps Ejecting Discs or Beeping

PS4 turning itself on, ejecting your discs, or beeping? Try these fixes

There are three versions of the PlayStation 4, and they can all suffer from disc ejection problems for different reasons. The original PS4 is notorious for constantly ejecting discs due to problems with the eject button, while all three consoles can perform unwanted ejection due to disc, software, and physical hardware problems.

When your PS4 keeps ejecting discs, it may simply eject them, beep, or provide an error message like this:

A screenshot of a PS4 that ejects discs.

Most of these instructions pertain to all versions of the PS4 hardware, including the original PlayStation 4, the PS4 Slim, and the PS4 Pro. Instructions regarding capacitive switch problems only pertain to the original PlayStation 4.

What Causes PS4 to Keep Ejecting Discs?

The main reasons that your PS4 might keep ejecting discs are a problem with the eject button, a problem with the eject screw, software issues, and problems with the actual discs. Eject button issues are primarily limited to the original PlayStation 4 and its capacitive eject button, while the other issues effect all three versions of the PlayStation 4 equally.

  • Disc problems: Scratches and foreign materials like dirt, food, and other debris can cause the system to immediately eject your disc.
  • Software problems: Power cycling the PS4 and updating the software usually solves these issues.
  • Eject button: The capacitive eject button used by the PS4 is touchy, and it will cause the console to turn on by itself, beep randomly, and eject discs if it malfunctions. The rubber foot found under this button on the bottom side of the console are the most likely culprits.
  • Eject Screw: This screw is used to eject discs from malfunctioning systems, but it can also cause unwanted ejections as well.

How to Stop a PS4 From Ejecting Your Discs

If you're experiencing problems where your PS4 is ejecting discs when it shouldn't, beeping, or providing an error message about not being able to read discs, follow this troubleshooting procedure.

  1. Check your disc for damage. If your game disc, DVD, or Blu-ray disc is scratched or dirty, the PS4 will display an error message and may eject the disc or make a beeping sound. Clean the disc with a lint-free cloth by wiping from the center to the outer edge in straight lines.

  2. Try a different disc. If you notice any scratches or imperfections on your disc after cleaning it, try a different game disc, DVD, or Blu-ray. If the PS4 accepts some discs and rejects others, the ejected discs are probably too damaged for the PS4 to read.

  3. Power cycle your PS4. Most issues where a PS4 keeps ejecting discs have to do with the eject button, and power cycling can sometimes help get the eject button back in line.

    To power cycle your PS4:

    1. Turn your PS4 off.
    2. Unplug the power, HDMI, and controller cables.
    3. Press and hold the PS4 power button.
    4. Wait until you hear two beeps.
    5. After five minute, plug the power and HDMI cables back in.
    6. Turn the PS4 on and try to insert a disc.
  4. Install the latest PS4 updates. In rare cases, an issue with your PS4 system software may cause this issue. If that happens, you'll have to install an update to fix the problem.

    To check for system software updates:

    1. From the main menu, select Settings.
    2. Select System Software Update.
    3. If there is an update, install it.
    4. After the update has installed, check to see if your PS4 still ejects discs.
  5. Tighten the manual eject screw. Your PS4 has a manual eject screw that's designed to help eject discs if the system is malfunctioning. If it loosens, the system may end up ejecting your game when you insert it, or even when you're playing.

  6. Remove the rubber foot under the eject disc. The original PS4, not the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, has a capacitive eject button that's located right above one of the rubber feet that support the console. Over time, the rubber foot may swell up or shift until it contacts the switch, causing the PS4 to randomly eject discs.

    The easy fix for this is also destructive and permanent:

    1. Unplug your PS4.
    2. Turn your PS4 upside down.
    3. Locate the rubber foot under the eject button.
    4. Grip the foot using pliers or another similar tool.
    5. Pull gently, being careful not to remove the foot.
    6. Check to see if the PS4 still ejects discs.
    7. If the PS4 still ejects discs, try fully removing the foot.

    If you fully remove the foot, your warranty may be voided. Consider contacting Sony for assistance before attempting this fix.

What If Your PS4 Still Ejects Discs?

If your PlayStation 4 keeps ejecting discs even after following all of these troubleshooting tips, you should consider contacting Sony customer service. This type of problem is often covered under warranty, and Sony may be willing to help even if your console is no longer technically covered.

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