How to Fix Pixel Buds That Won't Charge

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When Pixel Buds won’t charge, you might find the batteries in each individual earbud drain over time and won’t power back up, or that the battery in the case drains over time and won’t power back up. You can tell whether or not your Pixel Buds are charging by the state of the LED on the case, and you can also check the charge level on your Android phone.

What Causes Pixel Buds to Not Charge?

The two things that can result in Pixel Buds that won’t charge are problems with the individual earbuds and problems with the case. Pixel Buds are charged inside the Pixel Buds case. The case has a USB-C port and some Pixel Buds models can be charged via Qi wireless charging if the case supports it. If the case stops charging, it eventually won’t be able to charge the earbuds. If the earbuds malfunction or aren’t connected properly, that can also prevent charging.

How to Fix Pixel Buds That Won’t Charge

To fix non-charging Pixel Buds, you’ll have to go through a series of troubleshooting steps. If the Pixel Buds start charging at any point, you can stop and disregard the rest of the steps.

Here’s how to fix Pixel Buds that won’t charge:

  1. Make sure the case is charging. Place the case on your Qi charger or plug it into a USB charger. With the Pixel Buds stored in the case, open the case near your Android phone. If the status alert shows a lightning bolt on the battery icon below the case, it means the case is charging.

    This same status indicator will show whether or not the Pixel Buds are charging. If the battery icons under each earbud don’t have lightning bolts on them, they aren’t charging.

  2. Realign the case on the charging mat. If you’re trying to use Qi wireless charging, try realigning the case on the charging mat. The case will only charge if it’s aligned properly, and the Pixel Buds will only charge if the case is charged or receiving power.

    Not all Pixel Buds cases support wireless charging. If your case doesn’t support wireless charging, you’ll need to charge via USB-C.

  3. Try a different charging method. If the case wasn’t charging when you checked in the previous step, switch to a different charging method. Switch to USB-C if you were using Qi charging, or try a different USB-C cable or charger.

    If you have multiple USB-C cables and chargers, try different combinations. Your cable may be damaged, or your charger may have malfunctioned.

  4. Make sure the Pixel Buds are inserted in the case correctly. The left and right earbuds need to be in the correct slots. When correctly inserted, they will snap in place magnetically, and the LED on the case will light up briefly.

  5. Clean the charging contacts. If the LED doesn’t light up when you insert the Pixel Buds, clean the charging contacts on both the earbuds and the case. Use a lint-free cloth or cotton swab to clean inside the case and the earbuds, carefully removing any dirt or ear wax. If necessary, use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

    Don’t use alcohol or any other cleaning agents.

  6. Update the firmware. If your Pixel buds are having battery life issues, but they are charged enough to power on, try updating the firmware. Open the Pixel Bud settings, tap More Settings, and then Firmware Update.

  7. Perform a factory reset. If your Pixel Buds still won’t charge but aren’t yet fully dead, or if you’re having a problem where they won’t hold a charge, then try a factory reset. With the Pixel Buds in their case, and the case open, press and hold the pairing button for at least 30 seconds.

How Do I Know if My Pixel Buds Are Charging?

There are two ways to tell if your Pixel Buds are charging. If your phone isn’t handy, or you don’t use your Pixel Buds with an Android phone, you can check whether the earbuds are charging by looking at the case. If you do have an Android phone you use your Pixel Buds with, you can open the case near your phone and check the status indicator that pops up.

Here’s how to check if Pixel Buds are charging:

  1. Place the Pixel Buds in the case and close the lid.

  2. Open the lid.

  3. If the LED turns orange, the Pixel Buds are charging.

    Pixel Buds in a case with the charging indicator lit up.

    Jeremy Laukkonen / Lifewire

  4. Check your phone. The indicator that pops up when you open the Pixel Buds case will have small pictures of your earbuds and case, each with a battery icon underneath. If the battery icons have lightning bolts on them, that means the corresponding earbud is charging.

    Android indicator showing Pixel Buds charging.

How Do You Charge Google Earbuds?

Pixel Buds charge by being placed in the charging case. The case itself has a built-in battery, so you can charge the earbuds whether the case itself is connected to power or not.

Here’s how to charge Pixel Buds:

  1. Place the Pixel Buds in the charging case.

  2. Make sure the Pixel Buds are seated properly.

  3. Close the case and place it on a Qi charging mat, or plug the case into a USB power source.

    Pixel Buds charging in the case.

    Jeremy Laukkonen / Lifewire

    If you charge via USB, the Pixel Buds will charge even if the case is still open.

  • How long do Pixel Buds take to charge?

    On average, Buds take 1.5 hours to fully charge. Personally, your mileage may vary slightly, though. On a single charge, Buds can provide up to 5 hours of listening or 2.5 hours of talking time.

  • How much can the Pixel Buds case charge Buds?

    A fully charged Pixel Buds case can store multiple Buds charges. On average, a fully charged Buds case stores about 5 full charges for Buds, providing approximately 24 hours of listening or 12 hours of talking time.

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