How to Fix Pixel Buds That Don't Connect

Pixel Buds connection issues solved

When Pixel Buds won’t connect, you may be unable to complete the initial setup process, or they may fail to connect later on. Initial connection problems are usually related to the battery, while other connection issues are usually related to Bluetooth.

What Causes Pixel Buds to Not Connect?

Pixel Buds connect via Bluetooth, so anything that causes Bluetooth connection problems can also prevent Pixel Buds from connecting. Pixel Buds also won’t connect if they aren’t charged or the batteries are dead. In some cases, firmware issues can also prevent Pixel Buds from connecting, in which case a reset usually fixes the problem. 

How Do I Fix Google Pixel Buds That Don’t Connect?

Follow these fixes in order until your Pixel Buds connect with your device.

  1. Remove the charging contact protectors, if applicable. Some Pixel Buds come with a plastic piece over the charging contacts on each earbud. Make sure those pieces are removed, as the Pixel Buds can't charge with the protector strips in place.

    These protector strips are only found on some Pixel Buds models, so your buds may come already charged.

  2. Make sure the Pixel Buds actually charge. Check the LED on the charging case while the Pixel Buds are placed inside. If you open the case and the light is orange, the Pixel Buds are charging. If it’s solid white, they’re fully charged.

  3. Check your Bluetooth settings. Your Pixel Buds won’t connect if your device has Bluetooth disabled. Bluetooth needs to be on when you first set up the Pixel Buds, and it also has to be on whenever you use the Pixel Buds, or they won’t connect.

  4. Place the Pixel Buds in close proximity to your device. If there’s a lot of Bluetooth interference, your Pixel Buds may fail to connect. Placing the Pixel Buds close to your device will give them the best chance of connecting.

  5. Remove sources of Bluetooth interference. If there are a lot of sources of radio frequency interference in your area, that can cause problems with your Pixel Buds. Shut down any wireless devices you aren’t currently using, and any devices or equipment that generate interference.

  6. Turn on Location Services. Your Pixel Buds may fail to pair if Location Services isn’t turned on. Try turning this on, and see if the Pixel Buds connect.

  7. Reconnect your Pixel Buds. If you've used your Pixel Buds with your phone in the past, but they won't connect now, remove your buds from your phone's list of Bluetooth devices. You may have to select forget, remove, or delete in your phone's Bluetooth settings. Once the Pixel Buds are no longer in your phone's list of Bluetooth devices, attempt the connection process again.

  8. Reset your Pixel Buds. If your Pixel Buds still won’t connect, try a factory reset. After performing the reset, you will have to set up your Pixel Buds again.

How Do I Manually Connect Pixel Buds?

If you’re using your Pixel Buds with a non-Android device or an older Android device, then they won’t connect automatically. In that case, or if you’re just having problems with the automatic connection, you can manually connect your Pixel Buds by putting the case into pairing mode and then pairing manually.

Here’s how to manually connect Pixel Buds:

  1. Place the Pixel Buds in the charging case, and make sure the batteries aren't dead.

    Pixel Buds in a charging case.
  2. Close the lid of the case.

    Pixel Buds shut inside a case.
  3. Push and hold the button on the case.

    The pairing button on a Pixel Buds case
  4. When the LED on the case pulses white, release the button.

    Pixel Buds ready to pair.
  5. On your device, make sure Bluetooth is enabled, and select your Pixel Buds from the Bluetooth pairing menu.

  6. Your Pixel Buds should connect.

  • How do I turn off my Pixel Buds?

    To turn off Pixel Buds, put them back in the case or disconnect them via your device's Bluetooth settings. Alternatively, triple-tap on the right earbud to turn them on or off.

  • How do I update my Google Pixel Buds?

    Pixel Buds update automatically when paired to an Android device with the Buds app installed. Depending on your model, you might be able to manually update your Pixel Buds with the Bud app.

  • Why are my Google Pixel Buds cutting out?

    There's likely an issue with the Bluetooth connection. Toggle Bluetooth off and on again to reset the connection. If you still have problems, remove your Buds from the Bluetooth settings and re-pair them with your device.

  • How long do Pixel Buds take to charge?

    It takes about 45 minutes to an hour for Pixel Buds to fully charge in the charging case. The charging case itself takes 1.5 hours to charge. Fully charged Pixel Buds last for 5 hours of listening time and 2.5 hours of talk time.

  • How do I find my Pixel Buds?

    If your Pixel Buds are connected to your device, open the Buds app and tap Pixel Buds > Find device > Ring Left or Ring Right. If you set up Find My Device, you can see their last known location.

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