How to Fix It When a Lenovo's Mic Is Not Working

What to do when your Lenovo laptop's microphone won't pick up sound

If you're having trouble with your Lenovo microphone not working, there could be a simple solution. Here's what to do when your Lenovo laptop's mic is malfunctioning or won't record sound at all.

Causes of a Lenovo Microphone Not Working

Here are some possible reasons for the mic not working on a Lenovo laptop:

  • Your mic is muted.
  • An app doesn't have permission to access your device.
  • Missing or corrupted device drivers
  • Damaged hardware

Before you try any of the fixes below, test the microphone on your Lenovo PC to help figure out the source of the problem.

Many of these troubleshooting suggestions also apply to headphones that aren't working.

How to Fix It When a Lenovo's Mic Is Not Working

Try these fixes in order, checking after each step to see if your computer's mic is functioning properly:

  1. Unmute your mic. When using your microphone with an app like Zoom, look for a mute button to make sure that you aren't muted.

  2. Check individual app settings. Look for a sound settings menu to select the audio input and make sure your mic is enabled.

  3. Check your app permissions. Go to the app permissions settings and see if the app has permission to access your mic.

  4. Restart your Windows computer. Rebooting your PC can clear out potential temporary bugs that affect how your PC works.

  5. Change your Windows sound settings. Check under Input in the Windows 10 sound settings to make sure that your mic is turned on. If you've connected other headsets or microphones to your PC in the past, make sure the internal microphone is set as the default.

  6. Run the Windows sound troubleshooter. Go to the Windows sound settings, then select Troubleshoot. If Windows doesn't fix the problem automatically, it might make suggestions for further action.

  7. Increase the mic volume. In the sound settings, select Device properties > Additional device properties, then select the Levels tab and move the Microphone slider to 50% or higher.

    Additional device properties, the Levels tab, and the Microphone volume slider in Wondows sound settings
  8. Update your Windows drivers. Go to the Device Manager, find your microphone, and check to make sure you have the latest drivers it needs to function.

  9. Connect an external microphone. While not really a fix, you can try connecting a Bluetooth or USB microphone; however, this workaround will only work if the problem lies with the internal hardware.

  10. Do a Windows System Restore. As a final resort, you can try restoring the system to factory settings. A restore will wipe your hard drive, so back up anything you want to keep.

  11. Get your Lenovo keyboard repaired or replaced. If you believe the internal hardware is damaged and your device is still under warranty, check to see if you qualify for a free repair or replacement.

  12. Check for hardware damage and fix it yourself. If your PC is no longer under warranty, and you feel confident enough to open up your computer, check to see if the internal microphone wiring is connected to the motherboard. Plug them back in or replace the wires if necessary.

  • What is Lenovo Vantage?

    Lenovo's Vantage software is essentially a shortcut menu for system functions like camera settings, power options, and device driver updates.

  • How do I connect AirPods to a Lenovo laptop?

    To pair AirPods to Lenovo laptop, go to the system tray > select the Bluetooth icon > select Add a Bluetooth device > Add Bluetooth or other device. Wait for the laptop to detect the AirPods, then select your AirPods.

  • Why isn't my external mic working on my Thinkpad?

    Barring potential hardware issues, the most likely reason is that your external mic doesn't have the necessary permissions. Connect the microphone, then go into your Thinkpad's settings and check to see if it has access, and allow it to connect if necessary.

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