Pixel Buds Sound Won't Work? How to Fix the Problem

Everything to do when your earbuds stop working

When Pixel Buds sound won’t work, it’s usually due to a connectivity problem. The Pixel Buds may not be able to connect to your phone, or they may need to be reconnected.

What Causes Pixel Buds Sound to Not Work?

When the sound doesn’t work on Pixel Buds, it can be a connectivity problem, charge problem, or even dirty earbuds that are in need of cleaning. When just one Pixel Bud has stopped working, but the other works fine, there is usually a connection issue that will require you to reset your earbuds.

How to Fix it when Pixel Buds Sound Doesn’t Work

If the sound has stopped working with your Pixel Buds, then you can usually fix the problem yourself by going through a number of troubleshooting steps. There are cases where Pixel Buds sound stops working because the earbuds are defective, in which case you may be eligible for repair or replacement under the warranty, but most problems can be taken care of at home.

Here’s how to fix it when Pixel Buds sound doesn’t work:

  1. Tap each Pixel Bud and check the controls on your phone. The music you’re trying to listen to may be paused, in which case tapping either bud should get it going again. If something accidentally brushed against one of your Pixel Buds, it may have stopped playback. If that doesn’t work, check the app on your phone. Some apps don’t support the Pixel Buds touch controls.

  2. Try charging your Pixel Buds and the case. Place the Pixel Buds in the charging case, and plug the case into power. Make sure that the Pixel Buds and case are both charged, and then check to see if sound works.

  3. Inspect and clean your Pixel Buds. If there is any built-up debris anywhere on or in your Pixel Buds, that can prevent the sound from working. Carefully clean the Pixel Buds if necessary, and check to see if they work.

    Google recommends against using any chemical cleaning products. Use a lint-free cloth or soft-bristled brush.

  4. Verify that your device has Bluetooth enabled. If Bluetooth has been accidentally shut off on your phone or computer that you’re trying to use with the Pixel Buds, you won’t get any sound. If airplane mode is on, that will also prevent the Pixel Buds from connecting.

  5. Turn Bluetooth off and then back on. Even if Bluetooth was already enabled, try switching it off and then back on. That will force your devices to reconnect, and your Pixel Buds may start working again.

  6. Make sure your device is connected to the Pixel Buds. Check the Bluetooth menu and the sound output menu on your device if one exists, and make sure the Pixel Buds are selected. If a different device is selected, switch to the Pixel Buds and check to see if sound works.

  7. Try adjusting the position of your phone. If you have your Pixel Buds connected to a phone, try moving to a different area, and make sure the Pixel Buds and phone are close together. If your phone is in your pocket or at the bottom of a bag that’s full of other stuff, that may result in a poor connection.

  8. Update your Pixel Buds. If your Pixel Buds are running on out of date firmware, that can cause problems with sound and compatibility. Check for updates, and install one if it’s available.

  9. Disconnect and reconnect your Pixel Buds. In your phone’s Bluetooth settings, have the phone forget or remove your Pixel Buds. After they have been disconnected, you will need to connect your Pixel Buds and check to see if sound works.

  10. Factory reset your Pixel Buds. If you still don’t have sound from your Pixel Buds, try a factory reset. You’ll have to set up your Pixel Buds after the reset before you can check to see if the sound has started working.

Why Is My Pixel Bud Not Working?

When a single Pixel Bud stops working, but the other one works just fine, the battery may be dead. Try placing both Pixel Buds in the charger, and make sure that the charger itself is also powered. You can then check on your phone to see if the malfunctioning Pixel Bud is charging. If it won't charge, then try cleaning the charging contacts on the Pixel Bud and the case. If it still won’t charge, then the Pixel Bud may be defective.

It’s also possible for a single Pixel Bud to have connectivity problems, in which case resetting the Pixel Buds and the Google app on your phone often helps. If you have a single Pixel Bud that isn’t working, try this fix:

  1. Locate the Google app in the Play store, and tap uninstall.

  2. Once the Google app has been uninstalled, have Google Play check for updates and install any that it finds.

  3. Open your Bluetooth settings, and have your phone forget your Pixel Buds.

  4. Place your Pixel Buds in the charging case.

  5. Factory reset your Pixel Buds.

  6. Set up your Pixel Buds like you did when they were new.

  7. Once the Pixel Buds are connected, check to see if they both work. If they don’t, contact Google for further assistance.

Do Pixel Buds Have a Warranty?

Google states that Pixel Buds have a warranty of one year for new devices and 90 days for refurbished products, unless the paperwork that came with your Pixel Buds states a different period. Depending on your specific situation, they may repair, replace, or refund your Pixel Buds if they stop working within the warranty period.

If your Pixel Buds stop working and you’re unable to get them working yourself, and you suspect the Pixel Buds are still within the warranty period, then you can contact Google customer support for additional information.

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