How to Fix It When Netflix Won't Work on Roku

Troubleshooting streaming issues between Netflix and Roku

This article will walk you through all of the ways to fix when Netflix won't work on Roku. Netflix errors on Roku may appear in one of several different ways:

  • Nothing happens when you select the Netflix icon.
  • Netflix starts to load but freezes on the logo loading screen.
  • When the Netflix app launches only a black screen appears and nothing happens.

Normally, there's no error code and the screen will just freeze either on the logo or the blank screen. The following tips will help you troubleshoot this issue and fix it.

Why Does Netflix Keep Crashing on My Roku TV?

When you use Netflix on Roku, you're dealing with two different online services so there are multiple points of failure. There could be an issue with the Netflix service, with the Roku connection to your TV, or something to do with your internet connection itself.

Because of this, it's important to first verify these services are working. Then move on to checking your Wi-Fi network, your internet connection, and then issues with the Roku streaming player itself.

How to Fix When Netflix Won't Work on Roku

This issue applies to all Roku streaming players including Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Ultra, and Roku Streambar.

  1. Troubleshoot the Netflix service itself. The Netflix Help Center page will show the current status of the Netflix service. If Netflix is down, you'll need to wait until they sort the problem.

  2. Make sure your Roku streaming device is properly connected to your TV. To verify that your Roku streaming device is working properly, try launching another service like the Hulu app. If that doesn't work as well, perhaps the Roku needs attention. If the other app does launch, it could just be the Netflix app.

  3. Try performing a full restart on your Roku device. This means completely powering down the Roku streaming device (you may need to fully disconnect the power cable), and then start it up again. Often, a simple restart can resolve most issues when Netflix won't work on Roku.

    If you notice the power light on your Roku device flickering when you plug it in, you could have a faulty power port. Try a different power cable. If the light still flickers, you may need to replace your Roku streaming device.

  4. Make sure the Roku device is connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Check other devices like a computer or smartphone and make sure your Wi-Fi network is working. If it isn't, you'll need to troubleshoot your home Wi-Fi network before Netflix will work properly on your Roku device. If you can't connect anything to your Wi-Fi network, restarting the router usually helps.

  5. Can your Roku device access the Internet? Again, use another computer or smartphone on your network and test your internet connection. If you can't access the internet, you'll need to troubleshoot your home internet connection.

    If you can successfully connect to any other channel on your Roku, then the device can access the internet fine. In this case, you can skip this step and move on to other troubleshooting steps below.

  6. Update the Roku app on your mobile device. Over time, apps can get out of date, especially if you have auto-updates disabled. If you're trying to launch Netflix with your mobile device, this may be why Netflix won't launch. Make sure to update the Roku Android app or the Roku iOS app, depending on which device you own. If Netflix still doesn't work, try completely deleting the Roku app from your Android or iOS and then reinstall it from scratch.

  7. Make sure your Netflix account is still active. If you can log into your Netflix account on other devices, double-check the Netflix profile you're trying to use on Roku still exists. If all else fails, try changing your Netflix account password, and then reconnect your Netflix app on Roku using that new password.

  8. Disable your VPN. If you use a VPN to connect your router or Roku device to the internet, your VPN may be causing connection issues. Disabling your VPN and connecting to the internet directly may resolve your Netflix channel issues.

  9. Troubleshoot if your Roku remote isn't working. You may need to reset the Roku remote and then pair it with your Roku streaming device again. If you can't get your remote to work, try launching the Netflix channel with the Roku mobile app instead.

  10. Check Roku parental controls and make sure that the account you're trying to use isn't blocked from launching the Netflix content that you want to watch. While you're at it, check the Netflix parental control settings for your Netflix account as well.

  11. If all else has failed, you may need to completely reset your Roku streaming device.

    Resetting your Roku device will remove all of your custom settings. When you restart after the reset, you'll also notice that all of your channels are gone. You'll need to re-add them.

  • How do I log out of Netflix on a Roku?

    To log out of Netflix on most newer Roku devices, including Roku 4, 3, Streaming Stick, Express, and Roku TV, open Netflix and choose a profile if prompted. From the menu on the left, select Settings, then select Sign Out > Yes.

  • How do I change Netflix accounts on a Roku?

    There's no easy way to change the Netflix user account on Roku, but there's a workaround. Go to your Roku home screen and navigate to My Channels. Highlight the Netflix app and press the star button on your remote. From the editing settings, select Remove Channel. Then, go back to your Roku Home screen, find the Channel Store, and reinstall Netflix using your preferred Netflix account.

  • How do I find My List on Netflix on a Roku?

    Finding your "My List" listing on Netflix is the same across any platform with which you access Netflix, including Roku. Launch Netflix, choose a watch profile if prompted, then select My List from the top menu.

  • How do I get Netflix on a Roku?

    To get Netflix on your Roku device, navigate to the Roku Channel Store and find Netflix, then click Add Channel. Or, plug in your Roku, then navigate to Streaming Channels on your screen. Search for and select Netflix, then select Add Channel.

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