How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-2

What to do when you get this error code on your streaming device

If you're trying to watch your favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix and you encounter the error UI-800-2, it can be frustrating because Netflix doesn't provide much information about what it means. Fortunately, this error is pretty easy to fix, and this article provides the troubleshooting steps to help you get back to watching your shows.

What Does Code UI 800 2 on Netflix Mean?

If you encounter the Netflix error code UI-800-2, it means your device needs to be refreshed. Any number of minor issues could be causing the problem, but it's most likely related to cached data. A refresh will help clear out the error, but if it doesn't, you can try a few other troubleshooting steps.

Netflix error code UI-800-2 is most commonly encountered on smart TVs such as LG, Sony, and Samsung. However, you could also see it on streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, gaming consoles, and Blu-Ray players.

Why Is Netflix Giving Me an Error Code?

Netflix stores data on your streaming device to help your profile load faster when you open the app. This data can become corrupt, or a glitch can cause some of it to go missing (be deleted), which interferes with Netflix loading.

In most cases, refreshing the device (which is the equivalent of clearing the cache) will fix the problem, but occasionally, you'll need to dig a little deeper to get things back in working order.

How Do I Fix Netflix on My Smart TV?

If you're experiencing the Netflix error UI-800-2, then there are few things you can try to get it working again. Try each of these steps until you find the one that works for you.

Although this error most commonly occurs on Smart TVs, it can happen with other streaming devices, too, and these troubleshooting steps should also apply to them.

  1. Restart your smart TV or streaming device. Whether you're using a streaming device like a smart TV, Roku stick or box, Blu-ray player, or gaming console, restarting the device could clear this error out because it causes the Netflix app to reload, which can refresh the data.

    If you're restarting a smart TV, remember to unplug it from the wall and then press the power button for a few seconds to discharge the TV completely. Then plug it back in, turn it back on, and try Netflix again.

  2. Restart your home network. If you're not connected to the internet, the Netflix app might not be able to refresh when you restart your TV. Try restarting your home network, and then if necessary, restart your TV again and then go back to the Netflix app to see if it will load.

  3. Sign out of Netflix, then sign back in. Signing out of Netflix can clear any data cache that might be corrupted or causing a problem. Try one of these tutorials to sign out of Netflix from your device properly:

    If your device isn't one of those, you can always try using your device's remote to sign out. Press the following buttons on your device's remote:

    • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

    It should bring up a deactivation screen where you can select Sign out from the available options. Once Netflix is completely signed out, try signing back in.

    It wouldn't hurt to also completely restart your streaming device before you sign back into Netflix. It's not a guarantee that it will help, but it could help clear any cached data that might still be lurking around after you sign out of Netflix.

  4. Reinstall the Netflix app on your device. If nothing has worked to this point, then you might want to try ultimately deleting the app from your streaming device and then reinstalling a fresh copy of the app. You can delete apps from LG smart TVs or other smart TVs, but the process is a little different from deleting them from a streaming device:

  5. Factory reset your streaming device. Each device has a different method for performing a factory data reset. That reset removes everything you have installed on your device, so be sure you're ready to reinstall everything before you start this process. Once you're ready, though, these instructions should help, depending on the device you're using:

    Smart TVs

    Streaming Devices

    Gaming Consoles

    Blu-Ray Players

  • What are other common Netflix error codes?

    Other Netflix error codes you might encounter include NW-2-4, TVQ-ST-103, and M-7353. Many of the fixes mentioned in the article above can resolve these issues.

  • How do I fix it when Netflix keeps freezing?

    If Netflix keeps freezing, restart your device, check your internet connection, and delete your Netflix cookies. If you're still having trouble, you may need to update the graphics drivers on your PC.

  • How do I use Netflix secret codes?

    To use a Netflix code, enter into a web browser’s address bar and add the code at the end. Netflix codes unlock specific genre categories, displaying every film and show from that genre.

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