How to Fix Netflix Error Code TVQ-ST-103

What to do when you get this error code on your streaming device

The Netflix error code TVQ-ST-103 usually presents itself as one of these errors:

"Unable to connect to Netflix. Please try again or visit"


"Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in [X] seconds."

While this error is a pain because it means you can't currently watch whatever you wanted to stream, it is easily fixable with these troubleshooting steps.

What Is Netflix Error Code TVQ ST 103?

If you encounter the Netflix error code TVQ-ST-103, it usually means that you're experiencing network problems, but it can also be related to a device caching error. Either of these issues will keep Netflix from connecting to the internet, which means you won't be able to stream any Netflix entertainment until the error is resolved.

What Is Netflix Error Code TVQ ST 131?

Another variation of the Netflix error code TVQ-St-103 is TVQ-ST-131. It's a similar error and means that you're experiencing network connection errors that should be easily solvable if your internet service isn't down.

What Is Netflix Error Code TVQ ST 148?

The Netflix error code TVQ-ST-148 is another networking error in this same series of Netflix errors related to network connection problems. Essentially, this error means that the Netflix app cannot connect to the Netflix server that serves up the content you want to stream.

What Does Code TVQ RTE 1 Mean on Netflix?

Netflix error code TVQ-RET-1 is another network connection error that is similar to the others mentioned above. This error indicates that your Netflix app cannot connect to the Netflix servers to provide the content you want to watch.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code TVQ ST 106

Another network connection error in the series is TVQ-st-106. As with the other errors in this series, it means the Netflix app can't connect with the Netflix servers. The steps below should help you resolve this and the other errors in this series of Netflix issues that you may encounter. These instructions apply to Netflix error codes: TVQ-ST-103, TVQ-ST-131, TVQ-ST-148, TVQ-RTE-1, and TVQ-ST-106.

  1. Restart your Streaming device. Regardless of whether you're using a smart TV or a streaming device to run Netflix, restarting the streaming device could clear out errors causing the problem. Especially if you have recently lost power or internet connections, but they have been restored.

  2. Check your network. If you're experiencing the Netflix issue on one device and you have another, you can try it on, check to see if it's also a problem on that device. If it is, it could be that your home network has an error, and you need to restart it. Restart your modem and router, and then when everything is rebooted and reconnected, try Netflix again.

  3. Sign out of Netflix, then sign back in to clear any cached data that might be interrupting the Netflix app's connection to the Netflix servers. Try one of these tutorials to sign out of Netflix from your device:

    If your device isn't one of those, you can always try using your device's remote to sign out. Press the following buttons on your device's remote:

    • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

    This button combo should bring up a deactivation screen where you can select Sign out from the available options. Once Netflix is signed out, then try signing back in with your username and password.

  4. Check your Wi-Fi signal. If you're streaming on a device that's too far away from your modem, you might not be getting enough Wi-Fi signal to maintain a good enough connection for streaming. Make sure you have a sufficient Wi-Fi signal. If not, try connecting your streaming device directly to your modem using an Ethernet cable.

  5. Uninstall and reinstall Netflix. If the Netflix app is corrupted somehow, it could interfere with your connection. One thing you can do is to try deleting the app from your streaming device and then reinstalling a fresh copy of the app.

    You can delete apps from LG smart TVs or other smart TVs, but the process is a little different from deleting apps on other streaming devices:

  6. Restore your default connection settings. Custom settings on your modem or router could prevent Netflix from connecting properly. One thing you can do is access your modem settings or connect to your router as an administrator and reset the settings back to default to see if that might get Netflix going again.

  • What is Netflix error code NW-2-4?

    Netflix error NW-2-4 is another code related to internet connectivity. First, make sure you're using a network that allows streaming, then follow the steps in the article above. You can also try resetting your DNS settings.

  • How do I fix Netflix error code 113?

    Netflix error code 113 is usually related to your log-in credentials. It could be that you have your username and password wrong. If you're still having issues, follow the steps above, then try signing in again.

  • What is Netflix error code UI-800-3?

    Netflix error code UI-800-3 usually indicates that there's a problem with the Netflix app itself (rather than your device or your connection). Signing out and signing back in is probably your best bet.

  • How do I fix it when Netflix keeps freezing?

    When Netflix keeps freezing, restart your device, check your internet connection, and delete your Netflix cookies. If you're still having problems, you might need to update the graphics drivers on your PC.

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