How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW 6-503

Troubleshooting this error code on Netflix

This guide walks you through a series of solutions for the NW-6-503 Netflix error code. It covers a variety of general fixes for all smart devices that support the Netflix app. Also, it includes some specific tips for those watching Netflix on smart TVs, Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles, and Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

What Is Netflix Code NW-6-503? 

The Netflix error code NW-6-503 is a relatively rare error message primarily associated with the inability of the Netflix app to connect with the Netflix servers. Network connectivity issues can cause it on the user’s side though it's often triggered when all or part of the Netflix service goes offline.

How Do I Fix Netflix Error 503?

The NW-6-503 Netflix error code is caused mainly by the Netflix service itself, so there’s often not too much you can do when presented with it. Fortunately, there are some quick checks and fixes that you can try to remedy the situation.

  1. See if Netflix is down. This quick check can save you a lot of time. If Netflix is down, the best thing to do is just wait for it to come back online.

  2. Switch to another connection and device. Experiment with opening the Netflix app on other devices and when using another connection such as your phone’s 4G or 5G service to work out if the issue is device or connection related.

  3. Reopen the Netflix app. Sometimes completely closing the Netflix app and opening it again can trigger a quick reconnect to the server.

  4. Update the Netflix app. Netflix may require a newer version of the app to work properly after a system-wide upgrade or a new feature has been added.

  5. Update your device’s operating system. The device running the Netflix app may need to perform an update to improve its internet connectivity and functionality.

    Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, smart TVs, and streaming sticks all require updates at least a few times a year. These updates normally happen automatically in the background though you can often manually check for updates in their Settings or System menu.

  6. Check if Xbox Network is down. Microsoft’s online service has been known to affect online connectivity with apps on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X consoles when it goes down.

  7. See if PlayStation Network is down. PS3, PS4, and PS5 apps can disconnect from services like Netflix when the PlayStation Network service goes offline.

  8. Restart your streaming device. Whether you’re watching Netflix directly on your smart TV or via a video game console or streaming stick, restart the device running the Netflix app and see if this helps.

  9. Restart your internet router. On the off chance that your internet connection is causing the NW-6-503 error message, a quick router restart could fix it.

  10. Disable your VPN. Some VPNs can make connecting to certain streaming services such as Netflix difficult. Netflix also frequently releases server updates to completely block devices running VPNs. If this is the case, turning yours off may be your only choice until the VPN gets an update to work around Netflix’s update.

    If you can't get your VPN to connect to anything, there are a number of additional VPN checks and fixes you may want to try.

How Do I Reset Netflix on My Smart TV?

One quick fix for a variety of smart TV Netflix app problems is resetting the app or completely closing it and opening it again.

Resetting a smart TV app is different than simply minimizing it or opening another app. The reset process completely quits the app, forcing it to start a new session when it’s opened again.

  • LG smart TVs: If you have an LG smart TV, you can quit the Netflix app by holding down the Home button on the remote until an app management menu appears.
  • Samsung and Sony smart TVs: Samsung and Sony smart TVs don’t have an app quit or reset option, but you can force the Netflix app to close by restarting the smart TV itself. To do this, hold the remote’s Power button down until the TV powers down. After a few seconds, it should turn itself back on again.
  • Westinghouse smart TVs: On Westinghouse smart TVs, press the remote’s Return or Menu button to quite an app.

Resetting the Netflix app on a smart TV brand not mentioned here can often be done by restarting the TV as shown above with Samsung and Sony models or by using the remote’s Menu button with the Netflix app open or while highlighting its app icon.

How Do I Fix Netflix Server Errors?

If the cause of the NW-6-503 error code is the Netflix service itself being offline, there’s not much you can do on your end besides waiting for it to come back online. The outage could take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours though it’s unheard of for Netflix to go down for more than half a day.

Netflix is a massive operation, and they usually deal with service disruptions very quickly and effectively.

  • How do I fix Netflix error code UI-800-3?

    Netflix error code UI-800-3 means that there's a problem with the Netflix app itself (rather than your device or your internet). Sign out and try to sign back in. If you still have trouble, reinstall the Netflix app.

  • What is error code NW-2-5 on Netflix?

    Netflix error code NW-2-5 suggests a problem with your internet connection. Make sure your network allows video streaming, then troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection.

  • What does Netflix error code NW-3-6 mean?

    Netflix error code NW-3-6 is another network connection error. If you're trying to watch Netflix on a gaming console, you might need to change the DNS servers on your router.

  • What is Netflix error code 113?

    Netflix error code 113 means there was a problem with your log-in credentials. Double-check your username and password, then try again.

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