How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-4-7

Troubleshooting this error code on Netflix

This guide walks you through a series of proven solutions to get the NW-4-7 error message to disappear and fix the underlying problem so the Netflix app can run without disruption.

What is Netflix Error Code NW-4-7?

The Netflix NW-4-7 error code, sometimes also referred to as NW-47 and NW 47, is a message displayed to users accessing Netflix on a range of devices. This error code is known to appear within the Netflix app on smart TVs, Blu-ray players, streaming sticks and media players, PlayStation 3, 4, and 5 consoles, and Xbox 360, One, and Series X video game consoles.

What Causes the NW-4-7 Netflix Error Code?

The NW-4-7 error code is usually caused by a network connectivity problem or an excess amount of temporary data being stored on the smart device running the Netflix app. It’s generally not something to worry about as it can often be fixed by performing a few quick checks and tests.

How Do I Fix Code NW-4-7?

Here are all of the best and proven ways to fix the NW-4-7 error code when it appears on your Netflix app.

  1. Restart your device. Performing a basic restart can fix many problems associated with streaming shows and films from Netflix.

  2. Update the Netflix app. If your Netflix app is out-of-date, you’ll likely experience a number of different error codes.

  3. Update your device. Your device’s firmware or operating system may need to be updated to stream online content properly. Smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, streaming sticks, and even some Blu-ray players all require updates every now and then.

  4. Check network limits. Many public or work internet connections don’t allow Netflix streaming.

  5. Disable your VPN. Some VPNs can cause internet connection issues which can trigger the Netflix NW-4-7 error message.

  6. Only use your local Netflix service. If you’re using a VPN to stream Netflix content from another region and you’re getting the NW-4-7 error code, Netflix may have implemented a block to prevent you from doing this.

    Note that using a VPN to stream Netflix content from another region is against the Netflix terms of service and could get your account completely shut down if detected.

  7. Log out and then log in again. Use the Netflix app’s sign-out or logout option to log out of the app and then sign back in again.

    You won’t lose any preferences or watch progress when you log out as all of your data is stored in the cloud.

  8. Restart your internet connection. Creating a fresh connection to your internet service provider can correct any connectivity issues you’re experiencing and can even increase your internet speed if it’s been slow.

  9. Use an Ethernet cable. Connecting your smart TV or streaming device to your modem or router with a cable can provide a more stable internet connection than using Wi-Fi.

  10. Move your internet router. If you need to use Wi-Fi, try moving your router so that it’s closer to your streaming device and is not blocked by other household objects.

  11. Clear the area around your devices. Random objects may be blocking the Wi-Fi signal from reaching your devices. If you have decorations on your entertainment cabinet or on the TV itself, try removing them to see if this fixes the error code NW-4-7 issue.

  12. Change your PlayStation console’s DNS settings. If you’re getting the NW-4-7 Netflix error code on a PS3, PS4, or PS5 video game console, making some quick changes to the DNS settings could do the trick.

  13. Check if Xbox Network is down. While Xbox and Netflix are completely separate services run by different companies, issues with the Xbox Network can affect the functionality of some apps such as YouTube, Amazon Video, Crunchyroll, and Netflix.

  14. Inspect your device’s other network settings. Open up the network settings on the device giving you the NW-4-7 error code and make sure that the internet connection is working properly and that no settings have been changed by other users or apps.

  15. Clear your smart TV’s cookies. To do this, open a web browser on another device that’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV, visit, and sign in with the same Netflix account.

  16. Factory reset your device. As a last resort, you can factory reset your smart TV, Xbox or PlayStation console, or Roku. This will remove all of your apps and downloaded content though it can fix tech issues that are preventing certain features from working properly.

    Really consider waiting before doing this. It's more likely Netflix is having an issue rather than your device(s).

What Is Code NW 4 8 on Netflix?

Netflix error code NW-4-8 is nearly identical to NW-4-7 and is often caused by internet and network problems or device data that you need to refresh. All of the above fixes for the Netflix NW-4-7 error code can also be applied when presented with the NW-4-8 error code.

There are also several additional NW-4-8 Netflix code solutions that you may want to try.

Why Is My Netflix Not Working: Code NW 2 4?

The NW-2-4 Netflix error code is also related to network connectivity and is often caused by a weak or unstable internet service. Fortunately, there are a variety of fixes for the Netflix NW-2-4 error code message.

How Do I Fix Netflix Server Errors?

If you keep getting generic Netflix server errors, there are a few quick checks that are worth trying.

  • See if Netflix is down. While it rarely happens, the entire Netflix service can experience issues from time to time, so it can be worth checking the Netflix online status.
  • Try Netflix on another device. To see if the issue is specific to your device or is happening to all Netflix users, try opening a movie or TV episode on the Netflix app on your smartphone or computer.
  • Test Netflix on 4G or 5G. Turn off your Wi-Fi and try accessing Netflix on a smartphone or other device connected to a cellular network. If it works without issue, your home internet may be the cause of your server errors.

You may also want to try some more general solutions for when Netflix isn’t working correctly.

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