How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-2-5 on Any Device

You're having a network connectivity problem that can be caused by a problem with your device, home network, or internet service

The Netflix error code NW-2-5 indicates a network connectivity issue, which means that your device cannot reach the Netflix service. It's a relatively common yet challenging issue to identify and fix but, by following the right steps, you can usually resolve it on your own.

What's Causing the Error

The NW-2-5 error means that your device isn't connected to the internet or something else is preventing the device from connecting to Netflix. This error code can occur on almost any device that uses a Netflix app, including game consoles; streaming devices like Roku; Blu-Ray Players; and smart televisions.

It's happening because there is a connection problem with your device, home network, or internet service. When Netflix error code NW-2-5 occurs, your device will typically display this message on the screen:

Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in X seconds.Code: NW-2-5

How to Fix a Netflix Error Code NW 2-5

The specific steps you will need to take to fix the error code NW-2-5 may differ slightly depending on the device you are using. For instance, you can't verify or change the DNS settings on some devices.

Follow these steps to fix a Netflix error code NW-2-5:

  1. Press Try Again on the error screen.

    Sometimes, that's all you need to do.

  2. Restart your device.

    If your device has a sleep mode, you will need to make sure that you fully shut down and restart the device. In some cases, you will need to unplug the device for up to one minute after shutting it off.

  3. Check to make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

    Some devices have a function that will test the internet connection for you. If your device has no such function, attempt to stream a video or view a web page using an app other than Netflix.

  4. Verify that the network you are connected to supports streaming.

    Are you connected to a shared internet connection at a hotel, business, or university? If so, the network administrator may have disabled access to streaming services. Contact the network administrator if you are unsure.

  5. Restart your home network.

    Shut off both your router and modem, if they are separate devices. You may also need to unplug them to completely fix the problem.

  6. Verify your DNS settings.

    Some devices allow you to check the DNS settings, and some don't. If you are unable to check the DNS settings on your device, you will have to skip this step.

  7. Try an Ethernet connection, or improve your Wi-Fi signal.

    Using a wired ethernet connection provides the best streaming experience. If that isn't possible, reposition your device and router to achieve the strongest Wi-Fi signal possible.

  8. Contact your internet service provider.

    If you still have a code NW-2-5 after following these steps, there may be a problem with your internet connection, or your internet service provider might be experiencing a larger issue.

Some internet service providers offer parental controls. You may need to disable the parental controls, or alter the settings, to use Netflix.

Does Your Network Support Streaming?

Some networks disable streaming to save on bandwidth or for other reasons. If you're connected to the internet through a university, hotel, or another extensive network, then you will need to contact the network administrator to find out if streaming has been disabled.

If you have an internet connection with your modem and router, this issue doesn't apply to you.

How to Tell If Your Device Is Connected to the Internet

Since error code NW-2-5 is a connectivity error, the first thing you need to rule out is an internet connectivity problem. The best way to accomplish this will differ from one device to the next due to the differing availability of troubleshooting tools.

Most video game consoles have an option to test the internet connection. If your device has this type of test, then you will need to run it. If it shows that you aren't connected to the internet, make sure that your device is connected to the correct network. You may also need to disable and reenable internet connectivity on your device to get things working again.

If your device has no option to test the internet connection, open any app other than Netflix that requires an internet connection to function. If that app can access the internet, you are connected, and you can move on to the next step.

How to Restart Your Device and Home Network

In many cases, power cycling your devices will fix a problem like Netflix code NW-2-5. That means you will need to completely shut down your devices, unplug them from the wall, plug them back in and turn them back on.

Some devices have a sleep or low power mode that they enter when you push the power button or shut them off through an on-screen menu. This mode is why it's essential to make sure that you actually turn the device off and then unplug it.

Restarting your home network works the same way. Turn off your modem and router, unplug them, plug them back in and turn them back on. In most cases, between 10 and 20 seconds is a long enough time to wait before plugging your devices back in. You may need to leave them unplugged for up to one minute.

After you have restarted your device and home network, you will need to check and make sure that your device has connected to the correct network.

How to Verify Your DNS Settings

Some devices allow you to verify your DNS settings, which can help fix Netflix code NW 2-5. If your device doesn't support this, then you'll have to move on to the next step.

Here's how to verify your DNS settings on a PlayStation 4 (with PlayStation 3 settings in parentheses):

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. Select Network (Network Settings on PS3).

  3. Select Set Up Internet Connection (Internet Connection Settings, then OK, then Custom).

  4. Choose Use Wi-Fi (Wireless) if you are connected wirelessly, or Use a LAN Cable (Wired Connection) if you are connected via an ethernet cable.

    If you are connected via Wi-Fi:

    • Under Use Wi-Fi, select Custom (WLAN section, Enter Manually, then press right on the d-pad to select IP Address Setting)

    • Select your Wi-Fi network.

    If you are connected via ethernet

    • Select Custom (Auto-Detect) for the Operation mode.

  5. Choose Automatic for the IP Address Settings.

  6. Choose Do Not Specify (Do Not Set) for the DHCP Host Name.

  7. Choose Automatic for the DNS Settings.

  8. Choose Automatic for the MTU Settings.

  9. Choose Do Not Use for the Proxy Server (then Enable for UPnP, then save settings with the X button)

  10. Choose Test Connection.

Here's how to verify your DNS settings on an Xbox 360:

  1. Press the Guide button on your controller.

  2. Navigate to Settings > System Settings.

  3. Select Network Settings.

  4. Locate your network and select Configure Network.

  5. Select DNS Settings > Automatic.

  6. Shut down your Xbox 360, and then turn it back on.

  7. Check to see if Netflix works.

Here's how to verify your DNS settings on an Xbox One:

  1. Press the Menu button and select Settings > All Settings.

  2. Select Network.

  3. Select Network settings.

  4. Select Advanced settings.

  5. Select DNS settings.

  6. Select Automatic.

  7. Press the B button.

  8. Check to see if Netflix works.

Improving Your Internet Connection

In some cases, simply improving your internet connection will fix a Netflix code NW-2-5. The way to do this is to make sure that your device has the strongest connection available.

Although it's possible to stream video from services like Netflix over Wi-Fi, a poor signal, congested network, or a lot of interference from other nearby networks can result in many problems. The easiest way to totally remove these problems is to use a wired connection.

If it's at all possible, try connecting your streaming device to your router with a physical ethernet cable. Some devices don't have an ethernet jack, but you can usually purchase a USB-to-ethernet adapter dongle for these devices.

Another way to rule out a poor internet connection is to connect your device directly to your modem with an ethernet cable and take the router out of the equation. It isn't a permanent fix since you won't connect to other devices or use your Wi-Fi until reconnecting the router.

If the code NW-2-5 goes away when your device is connected directly to your router, the problem is in your router or your Wi-Fi signal strength. Try repositioning your router and device to be as close as possible, and remove as many obstacles as you can.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider For Additional Help

If you follow all of these steps and still have a Netflix code NW-2-5, the only option left is to contact your internet service provider. You may have a hardware issue with your modem, router, or streaming device, but it's more likely that there is a problem with your internet connection.

In some cases, Netflix code NW-2-5 can be caused by problems with your internet service provider itself. These issues are typically resolved when the internet service provider fixes the problem with its equipment. If you wait a while, and the problem mysteriously fixes itself, then your internet service provider was probably to blame.

  • What does error code NW-1-19 mean on Netflix?

    Netflix error code NW-1-19 means that your device can't connect to Netflix. Turn off any VPN you use, then restart your streaming device, router, and modem.

  • How do I fix Netflix error code NW-3-6?

    To fix Netflix error code NW-3-6, troubleshoot your internet connection. Restart your device and Wi-Fi network. Turn off your VPN and connect your smart TV directly to your modem if possible.

  • How do I fix Netflix error code NW-48?

    Netflix code NW-48 is another connection error code. Restart everything, disable your VPN if you have one, and restore your network to default settings if necessary.

  • What is error code NW-2-4 on Netflix?

    Error code NW-2-4 on Netflix is an internet connection error, so follow the usual steps for troubleshooting your network. Restart your equipment, turn off your VPN, and reset your connection if you still have trouble.

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