How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7355

Troubleshooting this error code on Netflix

A Netflix error code is the last thing you want to see when your favorite show is about to stream. So, if you see the Netflix Error Code M7355 on your screen, it says there’s a problem with your browser.

For instance, Chrome is the best browser for Netflix, but an older version of Chrome can prevent Netflix from streaming smoothly. However, the error is easy to fix, and there are several solutions you can apply to your browsers on both Windows and macOS. 

Why Am I Getting an Error Code on Netflix?

Netflix Error Code M7355 is often due to an unsupported or outdated browser or some buggy extension. The error usually says: 

  • Whoops, something went wrong...
  • Netflix Video Player Unavailable
  • We're having trouble playing Netflix on your browser. Please make sure you are on an official version of Chrome.

You can read the specific error code at the bottom of the screen, and it's often in red. Netflix errors are caused by anything from local network issues to server problems at the backend. Your computer hardware or software can also throw up these errors. In most cases, the error code helps you narrow down to the reason behind the error and its solution.

How Do I Fix Netflix Error M7355?

The Netflix Error M7355 suggests a problem with the Chrome browser. 

  1. Update Chrome to the latest version. At the time of writing this, Netflix is supported on Google Chrome version 64 or higher. Check if you are on an older version and then update Chrome to the current version. Finally, relaunch the browser, log into Netflix, and see if it starts streaming again. If not, try the other troubleshooting steps that follow. 

  2. Disable Chrome extensions. Some add-ons like adblockers and VPN proxies can hinder smooth streaming. Toggle them off and see if you can resume watching again. To eliminate extensions as potential causes, try turning off all extensions and then enabling them individually to pin down the one behind the error. 


    Use any of the three methods to see all installed extensions…

    • Select the three vertical dots for the menu > More tools > Extensions.
    • Open a new tab and enter chrome://extensions in the Omnibox. 
    • Press Alt + F > L > E in sequence. 

  3. Uninstall Chrome and reinstall it again. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the browser is the last resort to fix all Chrome problems. It can help you start with a clean slate on the latest version of the browser. Removing the old browser also helps to wipe away any undetected problems behind the Netflix Error Code M7355. 

    Follow the steps on Google Help to uninstall Chrome from your device. 

  4. Open Netflix in another supported browser. The Netflix help page lists all supported browsers for Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS. If your primary browser is Chrome, then you can use an alternate browser installed on your system to stream Netflix. Microsoft Edge and Safari come pre-installed on Windows and macOS, respectively. Also, update your alternate browser if they are on an older version. 

How Do I Fix Netflix Server Error?

Check if Netflix is down for only you or the rest of the world from their service page. 

If the Netflix server is working, but you still get a Netflix server error, you may have some connectivity problems. Note the error code (if any) and get working with these troubleshooting steps to fix the particular Netflix connectivity errors

Always follow a few general troubleshooting steps before diving deeper for answers.

  • Reboot your computer.
  • Shut down all instances of the browser and relaunch it.
  • Ensure your browser and computer are updated.
  • Check if your internet connection is working.
  • Log out of Netflix and log in again.
  • What is Netflix error M7355-1204?

    This error appears on Mac and Windows computers using unsupported browsers with Netflix. This list includes Speed Browser or outdated versions of Chrome. Like error M7355, the main fixes include turning off Chrome extensions and updating/reinstalling the Chrome browser.

  • What is Netflix error code NW-2-5?

    The Netflix error code NW-2-5 relates to service connection issues with your device or network. Fixes for error NW-2-5 range from restarting your streaming device to checking your internet connection and double-checking streaming permissions on your network.

  • What does error code 1011 mean on Netflix?

    The 1011 error code usually means there's a problem with the Netflix app. Try testing your network connection and switching to a different network. You might also have luck restarting your mobile device or reinstalling the app.

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