How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7121

Troubleshooting this error code on Netflix

The Netflix Error Code M7121 is an error that will make you scramble for solutions. What does this error mean, and how can you resolve this without dialing customer support? This article takes you through the troubleshooting steps.

What Is Netflix Error Code M7121? 

The Netflix Error Code M7121 is generated when Netflix detects an unsupported web browser. This lack of support can point to several issues with the browser under its hood. One of the problems is stopping the browser from accessing the Netflix servers and displaying this error. 

Why Is Netflix Not Working on Google Chrome?

The Netflix Error Code M7121 is not specific to Chrome and can happen on any unsupported browser. But as Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, there’s a good chance you will see it here the most. So, Netflix recommends at least Chrome browser Version 64, Windows 7, and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), however, Chrome 64 is really a requirement more than a recommendation. 

How Do I Fix My Netflix Browser Not Supported?

Updating your browser to the latest version is the surest way to resolve this issue. At the time of writing this, Google Chrome version 64 or higher supports Netflix. If you are on an older version, update to the latest version. Also, you cannot stream Netflix in the Chrome browser installed on Windows XP.

After updating your browser, look into these settings to optimize the browser and eliminate other problem sources.

  • Chrome is not working: Sometimes, conflicts within the browser are challenging to pinpoint. The quickest way to fix undetected Chrome errors is to uninstall the browser and reinstall it again. 
  • Hardware acceleration: This browser setting helps improve browser performance by passing graphical-intensive tasks to the GPU. In some cases, it can interfere with Netflix streaming. 
  • Corrupted cache data: Power failures and sudden shutdowns can damage cached data. These events can cause the browser to misbehave and cause Netflix glitches. Cleaning the cache can resolve these errors.
  • HTML5 Support: Netflix uses the HTML5 web player to display its shows. All latest browsers support HTML5 without any plugins. If your browser lacks this, then switch to one that does. 

How Do I Fix Error Code M7121 1331?

Get Netflix working again with these troubleshooting steps. Here, we focus on Chrome, but the solutions apply to other browsers as well.

  1. Update your browser. This first step applies to Chrome and all browsers installed on your device. Netflix has the details of the supported browsers you should use. If your browser version is older than the ones mentioned, update to the current browser version. As browsers develop, the supported versions on the list can change. Using the latest version also plugs any security vulnerabilities and improves streaming benchmarks as Netflix develops.


    Chrome and other browsers like Firefox also use the Widevine Decryption Module for playing DRM-protected videos and audio. Updating the browser also applies updates to this critical browser component. 

  2. Reboot your device. This simple step of re-starting your device often fixes background processes taking up system resources that it could use for your browser (and therefore Netflix).

  3. Relaunch your browser. A quick shut down and restart can help clean up temporary glitches. Remember to shut down the browser completely and start from a clean slate. Clean the browser cache, log into Netflix again, and check if the Netflix Error Code M7121 happens again. 

  4. Clean the cache. Outdated or damaged cookies can interfere with Netflix streaming. If Netflix streams smoothly in Incognito Mode, clean your browser cache and rerun it on the main browser tab. 

  5. Disable hardware acceleration. If you watch Netflix on Chrome, turn off hardware acceleration and relaunch your browser. As hardware acceleration improves the general performance of the browser, keep the setting enabled if something else causes the Netflix Error Code M7121. Also, check if you can watch Netflix on full screen as hardware acceleration sometimes causes issues with this view. 

  6. Disable Chrome extensions. When the error strikes after installing an extension, then removing it is an easy fix. A buggy or an old extension can also throw problems. If Netflix works on another browser, then come back to Chrome and disable all extensions. Turn them on one by one and get a fix on the flawed extension. Most browsers use extensions and add-ons, so this fix applies to all browsers as well. 

  7. Reinstall Chrome. Uninstalling Chrome and then installing a fresh copy is the nuclear option. But this can solve all underlying Chrome problems if you haven’t been able to find an answer to the Netflix Error Code M7121 so far. 

What Does Error Code M7121 3078 Mean?

The Netflix Error Code M7121 3078 is like Netflix Error M7121-1331. Netflix displays this when you use an unsupported or outdated Chrome browser. So, update Chrome to the latest version to continue watching streaming. 

  • What does error code M7121-1331-P7 on Netflix mean?

    The M7121-1331-P7 error code on Netflix is a version of M7121-1331. This error is also associated with M7121-1331-4027. Like the other variations, error code M7121-1331-P7 is a Netflix streaming error most likely due to a problem with a browser that's outdated or unsupported.

  • How do I bypass error code M7121-5006 on Netflix?

    If you see the error code M7121-5006, you might also see a message that reads, "Sorry, too many people are watching on your account right now." One fast way to quit all active sessions is to log in to your account in a browser and select Sign out of all devices. To avoid running into this error in the future, check the Plan Details section of your account to make sure you know how many people can watch Netflix at once.

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