How to Fix Netflix Error Code 113

What to do if this code appears on your Apple TV

The Netflix error code 113 may appear on your Apple TV can prevent you from accessing the TV shows and movies you want to watch. It's often accompanied by a message such as:

  • Sorry, we had trouble logging you in.
  • Your Netflix account name or password couldn't be verified. Please try again. Go to for more information.

If you encounter this error, you can try some troubleshooting steps to get reconnected to Netflix and get back to watching your entertainment.

What Is Error Code 113 on Netflix?

The error code 113 on Netflix is usually related to your log-in credentials. If you're experiencing this issue on an Apple TV device, it could be that you have your username and password wrong, or it could be something else. The troubleshooting steps below will walk you through the possible solutions to get back to your Netflix streaming.

How Do I Fix Netflix Error 113?

If you're experiencing the Netflix error code 113, all you want is to solve it so you can get back to watching your TV shows or movies. Fortunately, this usually isn't a difficult error to fix.

  1. Check your user name and password. The most likely culprit if you're receiving this error code is that you've entered the wrong username and password for your Netflix account, or you've entered the correct username and password incorrectly. Double-check your log-in credentials, and try logging into Netflix again.

  2. Reset your password. Even if you think you have the correct password for your account, it might be worth your time to reset your password and then try again. To reset or change your password on Netflix, you can use your mobile device or a computer or tablet.

  3. Restart your Apple TV device. If you're confident you're using the correct username and password, you can try restarting your Apple TV device to see if that might fix the problem. To do that, go to Settings > System > Restart on your Apple TV device.

    Alternatively, you can completely disconnect your Apple TV from the power source, wait 30 seconds to a minute, and then reconnect the power source to re-initialize the device.

    You may see articles that tell you to turn off your Apple TV device by putting it to sleep. While this is a handy feature, it probably won't fix your problem.

  4. Close the Netflix app on your Apple TV. If you're sure your credentials are correct and you've tried resetting your password, and you still receive the error code 113, then you can try to close your Netflix app and then re-open it.

  5. Delete and then reinstall the Netflix app. A corrupted Netflix app could be the source of your problems, so if you delete the app from your Apple TV and then reinstall it, you'll have a fresh start from which you can enter your username and password and maybe get things going again.

  • What is Netflix code UI-800-3?

    Netflix code UI-800-3 usually means that your streaming device is having a problem with the Netflix app. To fix Netflix error code UI-800-3, restart your streaming device (if you unplug it, leave it unplugged for at least a minute). Try signing out of Netflix, and then signing back in. If this doesn't work, clear the Netflix app data or cache on your streaming device.

  • What does code NW-3-6 mean on Netflix?

    If you receive the NW-3-6 code on Netflix, there are likely connectivity issues. To fix Netflix error code NW-3-6, try restarting your streaming device, restarting your network, and resetting your modem or router. Make sure your DNS settings are correct, try turning off your VPN, and connect your smart TV directly to the modem.

  • What does error code 1011 mean on Netflix?

    If you see error code 1011 on Netflix, it likely means your device can't connect to Netflix. To resolve this error if you're using an iPhone or iPad, make sure your internet connection is strong, restart your iOS device, reinstall the Netflix app, and restart your home network. With an Android device, try connecting to a different network, and then try Netflix again.

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