MacBook Pro Won't Turn On? 6 Ways to Fix It

Tips for fixing a dead MacBook Pro

A MacBook Pro that won't turn on may be in need of servicing at the Apple Store, but before you haul it in, try a few things to see if the problem is something simple you can fix.

A MacBook Pro that won't start up at all is different from one that starts up and freezes on a blue or black screen. Information in this article applies to the MacBook that won't start at all.

MacBook Pro with a black screen.

Reasons a MacBook Pro Won't Turn On

When a MacBook Pro doesn't turn on at all, the problem is often related to the power from a wall outlet and the cable that supplies it to the Mac or it's battery. However, there are other possible culprits.

How to Fix a MacBook Pro That Won't Turn On

Press the Power button on the MacBook Pro and listen carefully for any sounds from the fan or any humming or whirring noises. If you hear anything or see any lights on the keyboard, your Mac is starting up just fine, but your display has a big problem that may require professional help. However, if you hear and see nothing, these fixes may get your MacBook Pro back up and running.

  1. Check the power connections. If your MacBook Pro won't turn on at all, then the first thing to check is that it's plugged in. Wait a few minutes before trying to turn on the Mac again. Don't forget to check the power outlet with a lamp or another device to make sure the outlet is functioning correctly.

  2. Swap out the power cable or adapter. If the Mac is plugged in and still doesn't turn on, the power cable may be faulty. Swap it with a known working cable to help pinpoint the problem.

  3. Charge the battery. If you are running your laptop on battery power, the battery may be dead. Plug in the laptop and wait at least 10 minutes while the battery charges before trying to start the MacBook on battery power again. If you cannot charge the battery, take the MacBook to an App Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for a replacement.

  4. Turn up the screen brightness. It's possible the MacBook Pro is turned on, but you can't see it. Press the F2 key at the top of the keyboard to make the screen brighter. On MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar, the brightness control is on the touch bar, but if the Touch Bar isn't lit up, your MacBook Pro isn't turned on.

  5. Remove all accessories and peripherals from the Mac. A problem with a printer, external drive, USB hub, or mobile device—or one of their cables—could prevent the Mac from starting.

  6. Reset the System Management Controller (SMC). As its name implies, the SMC controls much of the basic functionality of your Mac, from its display and lights to its fan and Power button. Resetting it sometimes resolves whatever's stopping your MacBook Pro from turning on. The method differs for MacBook Pros from 2009 or earlier or for the recent MacBook Pros with the T2 security chip.