How to Fix a Kindle That's Frozen

Troubleshooting an unresponsive Kindle

This article explains what to do if your Kindle has locked up, with all of the most common ways to fix a Kindle that’s frozen. If your Kindle is powered on, but it’s unresponsive, then you can use these methods to fix it.

Did your Kindle remain frozen so long the battery died, and now it won’t turn on? You can also fix a Kindle that won’t turn on.

What Causes a Kindle to Freeze Up?

When your Kindle device locks up or freezes and becomes unresponsive, it’s usually due to one of these issues:

  • Overworked processor: Kindles don’t have a lot of processing power, so it’s easy to overload. This usually happens when using the browser to visit webpages.
  • Memory problems: Kindles also have a limited amount of memory, and they can freeze if loaded with too much data. This also usually happens when using the web browser.
  • Low battery: If the battery is low, it can result in reduced power to the processor and the Kindle may freeze.
  • Outdated firmware: If your Kindle hasn’t been updated in a while, it may freeze due to problems with the firmware, or a lack of support for the feature you’re trying to use.

How Do You Get Your Kindle To Unfreeze?

In a lot of cases, you can unfreeze a Kindle by restarting it. If you’re dealing with an overloaded processor or memory, then restarting the Kindle will clear everything out and allow the Kindle to work normally again. If that doesn’t work, then there are a few other fixes that you can try.

Here’s how to unfreeze a Kindle that has locked up:

  1. Restart the Kindle. When your Kindle locks up, the best way to fix the problem is to restart the device. You can give it a couple minutes to unfreeze if you like, but resetting is a quick and easy process and it doesn’t remove any data.

    To restart an unresponsive Kindle, press and hold the power button until the screen flashes, then release the power button. The Kindle will restart, and you can start reading again.

  2. Charge the Kindle. In some cases, you’ll find your frozen Kindle won’t restart even if you hold the power button down for 40 or more seconds. If that happens, then try charging your Kindle first.

    After the Kindle has charged for several hours, check to see if it works. If the Kindle is still frozen, leave it connected to the charger, then push and hold the power button. The screen should flash after about 10 to 40 seconds, and the Kindle will restart.

  3. Update the firmware. If you experience repeated lock ups, then you may be dealing with outdated firmware. Restart your Kindle using one of the methods described above, then update the firmware.

    To update the firmware, navigate to Amazon’s Kindle software update page and download the relevant software update.

    You can then connect your Kindle to your Windows PC with a USB cable, and drag the software update file to the Kindle. You can then disconnect the Kindle from your PC, tap Menu (three vertical dots) > Settings > Menu (three vertical dots) > Update Your Kindle.

  4. Factory reset the Kindle. If your Kindle still experiences freezing problems, then performing a factory reset may help. This will erase everything from the Kindle, so you’ll have to connect it to your Amazon account and redownload your books afterwards.

    To factory reset a Kindle, swipe down and tap Quick Actions or Menu > Settings or All Settings > go to Device Options or Menu > Reset (for older devices, select Reset Device again) > YES.

  5. Contact Amazon. If you’ve restarted your device, fully charged the battery, updated the software, and have performed a factory reset on the Kindle, and it still keeps locking up, then it is likely in need of repairs. It may be eligible for free repairs or replacement, or Amazon may be able to offer other solutions. Contact Amazon support for additional assistance.

  • How do you fix a Kindle that won't charge?

    A Kindle not charging is almost always a problem with the battery. If it's completely depleted, try keeping it connected to power for an extended amount of time; eventually, it should come back on and charge normally. Otherwise, you'll need to schedule servicing to have the battery replaced.

  • How do I reset a Kindle Fire?

    Depending on the age and model of your Kindle Fire, you'll find the reset commands in one of two places. For newer ones, go to Settings > Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset. For older models, try Settings > More > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Erase everything.

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